Welcome to the page where you can simply pick up a link to put into your web site to us. - this is the only page you need to do this!

Simple Instructions provided for people who like the simple life.

Putting a link into your site to us couldn't be simpler, in fact we have made it a simple as we can all you need to do is to pick up one of the links below here, drag your mouse through it and right click the mouse choose copy. Then open up your website editor and choose where in your HTML you want the link to be and click in the editor, right click the mouse choose paste. Save your web page and up load it to your Web Server.

<a href="http//www.chephrenrepairs.com">Computer Repairs in Berkshire</a>

<a href="http://www.chephrenrepairs.com">Pages on Common Computing Solutions</a>

<a href="http//www.chephrenrepairs.com">PC Hardware Fixed in Reading Berks</a>

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We are planning a web page that will allow you to upload an article to our server.

We intend to have a page where you can paste the text into a form and submit it to us by pressing a button, simple but effective.


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News. See our recommendation for help backing up your computer

Phone" Beech Tree Services" on 0118 9411274 or 07713 886563 and speak to Bob.... For all you Backing Up help and advice and Service.

......This site will have regular short articles on computing problems and solutions as well as Web Design hints tips and suggestions so visit Us Again

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