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a test to see......
Are you at your witts end with your laptop or Netbook. Do you want to get it repaired but are concerned that it might be expensive or take too long. Or would you rather just buy a new computer? Well it is your choice... But consider this if you want to buy a new computer you will still want to retain all your documents and your pictures and you might want your e mails back as well, can you do that yourself?
If you can fix your computer with no help then you don't do you. we repair laptop screens.Detect and remove virus and spywear and can deal with any broadband internet connection issue you might have. Is your computer refusing to boot or start up. Do you have a problem recieving or sending e mail or Printing? Has you laptop slowed to a crawl.... Why you might ask..... Link>Hyperlink to

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This is really really simple.. So listen.... The Nexus 7 comes with a mains charger and a little lead that looks little like a standard USB the micro USB lead.... So you would be forgiven for thinking that you could use a regular phone charger to charge the nexus 7 well... Mostly you can not!
The answer of course is to use tethering and portable hot spots. This has nothing to do with securing your horse to a rail or hot flushes that you might get from time to time!!!
You can if you have your mobile with you use its mobile signal to get you on line and essentially you will be using the data allowance that you mobile phone provider gives you each month. That's another subject for a different typing blog article...
We are using a Samsung phone on the three network.. So follow along:
First turn on your Nexus 7 and wait for it to boot. About 21 seconds. If you swipe down from the top right of the screen u find the icon for Wi_fi. Click that... Now if all the Wi-Fi available are all secured and you can't use them then use your phone.
Turn on the phone top right is the cog wheel I.e.settings; look for that then more settings and then Tethering and portable hot spots.. Click that...
You need to choose the top option which is portable wi-fi, allow all devices to attach, you will see a message that says enabling portable wi -fi hot soot, will turn off WI-fi click ok.
Now on the Nexus 7 look for the network.. you get access to that by swiping down from the top right and find the wi fi icon.. the networks name was AndroidAP it will be secured with WPA2 on the list of wi fi`s.Go back to look at the configuration of the wi-fi on the phone it will tell you the password. You enter that password in to the Nexus 7 and choose to connect to it. Remember. You will be using the data that your phone network gives you as an alowance to access the internet. All phones give u some data but on cheaper packages it will be quite limited. This has been brought to you by the computer fixer blog affectionally knowen as the screeching bald eagle... partly written on the phone and the tablet and sent up to our server via the phone network from a secret location in the uk
Have you got a maddening computer issue one that's got you foxed..... Contact by calling 0118 327 84 33 , or ring 07519 13 43 33 or click on this link
chephrenrepairs contact us page
Or you can e mail or you can send a text to the mobile number above.
Is your problem a cracked screen a virus or piece of spyware or is your issue that you cannot connect to you Wi-Fi or your printer? Do you have a booting or starting up issue? Do you want an upgrade or a downgrade? Has you e mail become scrambled just like your eggs in the morning!

Most people would think that you would probably make sure the battery is going to last and plug the DAMN THING IN TO THE MAINS, well that's not the answer. may be move your beer away from the actual laptop or Netbook just in case you knock the pint of Twyford tipple straight into the laptop.. thats not the answer either....
remember to ensure that you have the right charger with you well yes that's important............. but that's not the answer either.....Remember don't put put the laptop on your lap, well that's not the answer either although you probably shouldn't, one because the laptop might slide on to the floor and two because it may over heat. ...
No the first thing you should do is to
update the Antivirus.... well you heard it here.... . pc servicing repairs mending up grading and down grading if you like....... or ring 0118 93278433 or 07519 134333. or e mail, PC repairs all types we are established, Insured, for all your software and hardware needs....if your problem is Broadband.... We are experts in all Broadband issues what ever they may be including probs with routers and firewalls and ADSL and cable broadband .. Whoever you are with we can help..... We are truely independent we use no agent or middle men or sub contractors we will get you connected to cyberspace 07519 134333 oh yes we have a hard line as well 0118 3278433. That lines clean.... No way there's any agents from the matrix abe to jack in and listen.. Its secure and there for your use exclusively
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So you have a virus on your machine is it making your digital existence like a pain in the bottom that just won't quit... Have you tried some tricks from the book and been left wanting.... Chephrenrepairs. We have the skill to not only the find the programming but to jack in and insert all capable counter measures and finish the job completely. Effectively we do for the virus........ removed it from ROM and RAM and your disks. We will prevent the programming hiding or reproducing or metamorphosising or moving between ROM and disk..
We check to make sure you can reconnect to the main towers of anti virus software on the internet and will return your machine to you working at full tilt. Able to connect to exactly where you want to when you key in the URL you want.. serving Berkshire and Southern Oxfordshire... 07519 134333 or e mail Go direct to our website hosted on the internet entirely for your benefit where you can fill in a simple form .......or just pick up the hard line 0118 3278433 make sure its clean....... We,re now going to unplug... Cut the hyperlink and go spirally inverted into the cybermist like a lizard in the grass...
Comming very soon an opportunity for you to tell to find us what you actally do want from a computer Repairs facility:
Follow this blog to find out what we mean new pages being written at present.
So whats on the new web page been written at the moment... well essentially it is a fairly simple form that you just fill in on line saying what you would like so see from a technology company, you do not have to leave your name or your number, you will be asked to leave your email address, but this is just simply so we can respond to you to let you know a little bit about what we feel we can do in responce to what you want.
No email address will be spammed or sent regular information at all, we are dead against any type of electronic spamming of any type or means.
Infact the form itself will be designed and built to be completely 200 percent spam proof and that means if the form is found by any robot program, spamming the form will not be possible at all... nice.. We are against being spammed whether thats you spamming us or us spamming you it's all Spam aint it.. and we don't like it and will not put up with it for one microsecond... So no more emails from companies selling authentic artificial and clonned designer handbags and cheap airline tickets to Melbourne or Bangcock! and certainly no spam advertising Cialis or such like......

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First you need to check if your local council does in fact provide e magazine's in the first place because if it does not then you are definitely going to have a problem for sure, because e magazine delivery is done from the borough councils website and you need a library card and a pin number to take an e mag out of the library... Clearly all librarys are effectively controlled by council and therefore you need a library card from a library that's controlled buy a council that provides the e magazines.
So in this blog post we are talking about Wokingham Borough Council
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DDR4 is just one mill longer than DDR3, and DDR4 is just a little taller by about 1 millimetre in fact.
But it is that extra length that will prevent you from fitting DDR4 to a motherboard that is designed to take DDR3 type.