Placing images on a web page ia a matter of first taking the image with a digital camera then transferring the image to your computer normally using a USB Cable and a USB Driver and then, moving the image from the folder you saved it in, to the images folder of your web site, and then finally placing it on the page. On this page we are going to illustrate the sizes and different qualities you can get out of a digital camera, as well as actually speak about how you get the image on to the page. Firstly we will start with an image taken at 640 x 480, probably one of the smallest and lowest quality settings that your camera can shoot at. You may use Paint Shop Pro or Fireworks, or Finepix Viewer 5.201E, ( look you get Finpix viewer when you buy a Finepix Fujifilm Digital camera, it comes on a CD with the camera), to either resize the images, rotate them, sharpen them, or remove read eye, or do a number of other straightforward operations.;

OK, so here we have a 640 by 480 image of Sonning Church, it is unedited from the camera, all I have done is copied the file to my images folder and then chosen common instead of layout in dream weaver and then clicked on the images icon that looks like a little green tree, (usually about the filth icon from the left) in the common toolbar. I have placed a boarder of 3 around the image, but it is unaltered, not cropped or stretched or cut in any way, and not renamed either. There is no alt tag as I haven't created one, just the image on the page. The picture is a. 125K image, very small, and obviously quick to load. In a series of pages I show how to place larger images on a page and then finally work up to using a MySQL Database to assist with images on a series of web pages. Ok So lets look at some other images again taken on the digital camera, but at diff rent settings :  More images and more explanation. Below we hava a search engine simulator: ok we borrowed it from another we site but it works, so if you are developing a page and you want to see how a Search Engine Spider might see it try this out!?

Search Engine Spider Simulator

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