What is Required to Attach an Xbox 360 to the World Wide Web:

You require either a nice LAN Cable of course or a Wireless Adaptor that fits the Microsoft Xbox 360 Console, you will also need a Router that is correctly configured, finally you need both a modem and a working Broadband Connection. You may need to know how to configure the actual console itself, plus you may need to extend your network either wirelessly or wired buy various methods depending on where you want to locate the Microsoft Xbox 360 computer. Very occasionally it may be necessary to either change a number of settings with in the router or to in some circumstances actually change the Router for a different Router. Whether you have an ADSL Broadband connection with BT, AOL, Plus Net, Zen or anybody else or you have connection to Cable Broadband with Virgin.... We can sort out your Xbox 360 Connection woes swiftly and without bombarding you with Technical Mumbo Jumbo....!!. If you are having trouble connecting your Xbox360 to the world wide web call chephrenrepairs.com 0n 0118 9352873 Getting Connection to your Network Router or Broadband Internet & to Xboxlive!.

Getting a reliable connection between your Microsoft Xbox 360 Games console to the internet requires quite a few things to be working all at the same time, and maybe you know how to configure the Xbox Games machine to connect to as network and may be you just don't really want to learn how to obtain a good solid communication between the Games Console and the Internet possibly you are just simply too busy to figure it all out. Every one knows that it is possible to connect the Microsoft Xbox360 Games Machine to the internet using a wired connection via an ADSL modem Router and also you can connect the Xbox the Router via a Wireless adapter, but not everyone knows precisely how to make this attachment to the local router work reliably and what to test if you simply can not get hooked up to Xbox Live.

In theory is always easier to connect using a Lan cable with an RJ45 connector on the end of it rather than using a Microsoft Wi-fi adaptor that is available for the Xbox 360 Games Console. However you may have reasons to not want to connect this way, one main reason could be that you have clumsy young children in the house that would probably trip over the Local Area Network cable (LAN Cable) breaking possibly the wire, the RJ45 connectors on the end of the LAN cable, your Xbox would come flying of the chest of draws as if it had been hurled by a Strong Dwarf down a fiery bottomless pit and wrapping the LAN cable around your favorite Persian Rare Breed Cats gullet, and their own pretty littlenecks at the same time! Xbox360 live why you want it how to get it what it does for you as an Xbox360 OnLine Gammer!

Xbox live gives you effectively access to complete games on line that you can down load, it also allows you to download extra levels and maps and characters for games, further it permits you to download game demos plus you can also receive complete films that you can save and or view on the Games console. Xbox live is also the method by which you can play with other players using games that have a multiple player function, plus you are able to send messages to other players on line and those individuals can send messages back to you a bit like (WLM) Windows Live Messsenger.

Here are some very interesting facts about Xbox live that you may or may not know.... If you buy Xbox live via either the Internet or you buy it via your actual Xbox itself, you need to provide a credit card or debit card number...... now pay Attention Attention: If you buy the Xbox Live account in this way two things happen the the guys and galls in the shop and microsoft may not tell you. 1. The Card Details will be stored on the actual Xbox 360 itself, meaning that if you lose your Console or it nicked from anywhere the person thats thieved the Console will have access to your Xbox Live account as well as having access to your credit or debit card details. This means that the thief can use your Xbox Live account, it also potentially meant that you are potentially laid bare to possible fraud, the thief has your card details possibly the full card details.... 2. Just to make things worse once you have purchased your Xbox Live account in this way Microsoft "I believe" will repeat bill you for periods of account use once the period you have paid for ends; without informing you at at all...... thats not nice is it.... or may be it is, but I guess many people would not want that...!? More Technical Details about XBox 360 Games Console

The Xbox 360 is a games machine right , well you know that, but it is also a computer as well, and as such it has a LAN connection port plus has a usb ports to which a special Wi-Fi adapter can be fitted to. Unfortunatately, as far as I know you can not just fit a simple standatd wi-fi dongle to the Xbox, but i have to researched that yet! The Xbox 360 can do a good job of playing video games, and the reason is it is primarily engineered totally for playing games and as such has a powerfull graphics capability, infact since it is a games machine it plays video games very well, but also you can store other things on the Internal Hard Drive that the Xbox has. Therefore you can have films and music on the xbox 360 and an if yocu wish share this with other pcs on your network.... that's nice..... effectively you can share media files with other computers on your network.

With Xbox live not all accounts are the same and there is a silver and gold account, the diffrence I think is that the silver one is like for youngsters and can not permit you to play more adult games, and the gold one allows you to play all games available including the ones with 18 certificate.. So make sure that you get the right account type. Also, remember that in order to buy things once you are connected you will need to buy microsoft points. The thing is that if you buy your xbox live account by purchasing a voucher in a Video game shop and you also purchase you microsoft points via another voucher, then microsoft do not have your card number and therefore can not bill you for the next period. As far as I know you can buy Xbox live vouchers for 12 months or for 3 months, you pay more per month for the 3 month voucher and I think the clock starts clicking as soon as you put in the code into your Xbox..... therefore if you are going to try out downloading stuff or multi player gameing buy the voucher for Xbox live and a voucher for some microsoft points at the same time.

Getting you Sony Playstation 3 Connected to the Internet

There are many Similar issues to connecting a Play Station 3 Games console to the internet, what i mean is similar to connecting the Xbox 360 Console to the internet!!! And we are pleased to say that here at chephrenrepairs.com we do thankfull sort out thouse problems aswell...Here is the actual link to our home page as well as the actual link to out contact us page which unlike some contact up pages does not leave you clicking 6 links in miiscule writing to find our phone number on chephrenrepairs.com home web page and here is the second link chephrenrepairs.com who are we page

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