Wireless Security This is a matter of using the Correct Encryption, and may be using Trusted Zones on your Network and perhaps MAC Address Filtering.

WAP Security is more Secure than WEP Security so always choose WAP, if you Can.

Infact you want to use a combination of techniques not just one on its own, and infact all the techniques on their own are not entirely safe. There are programs you can get that will change you Mac Address for you, but of course you still have to know what MAC address to change it to. In an environment where there are lots people using the same Wireless Network a person may tell another person what their Mac address is, and in this case with the correct software you can alter your Mac address to be the same as that other persons and then bingo your in.

Of couse if you have Mac Address Filtering on your Router and implement a WAP Key that is a fairly long one then the attacker has to figure out how to crack the WAP key and how to Mimick the correct Mac Address. If on top of that you have adjusted your Wireless Router so the Power makes connection if you are in the Road difficult or impossible, then you have three things protecting you from Intrusion.

Always connect to your Wireless Router with a password, and use a Network Cable, that way know one can intercept your password, choose a password including letters, numbers and some other characters.

Some Security is sensible, over doing it wastes time and can make Access to the network hard.

We can help you to implament WAP Encryption, Mac Address Filtering, Change the Broadcast SSID and and of course test everything.

We are able to provide you with a sheet showing all of your settings for your Router Conection to the Internet plus we can detail all you other security settings.. we can leave you with details as to how to remove your Security settings your self.

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