You do not need to recall any previous battles or learn any skills to fight this battle you are Prepared!! What you are going to do is literally Resurrect the drive like bring back the dead or in other words, bring all the data back from beyond the Grave:... As You Wheeled Your Hardened Battle Axe in the face of the Enemy, You realize at once in an instant.....that there are two types of Hard Disk Crash, the one where the Physical Integrety of the disk is compomised and the Disk platters and or Heads and or Disk Head Mechanism are damaged, or the other type where the Disk is intact: but the Software refrences to some or all of the files is corrupted or damaged.

We are right in the middle of this most beastly and desperate War, and the forces of good are with you, your sword glints in the sun as you cut your way through what were apparently lost directories and files.... Look if your drive has crashed the data may still be there but you can not see it, Windows reports that the Hard Drive is there, and the Software you got from the disk drive manufacturer reports that the Disk is Ok.... But you just can not find a single flie on the drive, you have tried looking in dos, you have tried Partition Magic, you have tried Windows Explorer and dived in to the Logical Disk Manager in AdminastriveTools, and prity much done all you can think off, but still the files can not be seen.

You Need some more weaponry in your Store or in other words some way of getting to the files within the disk filing System. Basically if the Disk management says the disk is there and Healthy and the Software you got from the disk manufacturer says the disk is good then there is a chance that you may with the right software, tools or cunning skill be able to get the data back. You need a tool that can essentially find the FAT allocation tables or what may be left of them and rebuild refrences to the files on the disk.

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