Using Acronis 10 Personal Edition to Back Up Your Hard Disk -Online Behaviour NO No's What you do online!

One of the biggest threats to your computer comes from your own behavior on line, what I mean by this is what you do when you are actually using a browser and are connected to the Internet - there are plenty of people who want to put dodgy stuff on your computer I assure you. Tip No 1: If you are browsing the web and any type of message pops up in the browser saying that there is something wrong with your computer.....The first thing to do is to not click the mouse on anything on that page at all.The second thing to realize is that no genuine company trying to help you protect you computer would put a pop up message on your web page you are viewing, and the third thing you should do is to make a note of where you are in the web then drop you internet connection totally and make a note to NOT go back to that web site ever ever again!

Tip No 2:You should consider what you are going to do about backing Up your Computer, why?. Because if you do get a particularly Nasty Virus or a Nasty bit of Spy Wear onto your hard disk, it may not be possible to actually get that disk working again by trying to remove that spywear using Software Tools. There are many types of back up, ranging from Complete Disk Images to Back Ups of your photos and or e mails, to Back Ups of all your favourite Windows Settings and documents as well. OK.... a lot to think about.? If you are going to do a complete disk image using some software you simply must buy a disk to restore that image on to, and it must be the same size or bigger than you main disk on the computer--- Why? ... because most if not all commercial back up software simply can not restore a disk image to a smaller disk that the original one. Below we talk about Using Acronis 10 Personal Edition to Clone Your Hard Disk Drive Totally

Making a Back Up of your Hard Disk using Acronis 10 Personal

OK.... so what do you need to do a complete back up of everything.. well we tell you right here... >>>You will need 1. Some software that is Capable of making a complete image of you hard disk drive, plus you will need 2. some nice DVD - R 1- 16X DVDS ( you may need a numbed of these ), so buy a pack of at least Ten, 3. You will need a new hard drive that is obviously the same interface as you existing drive, and is the same size as or larger than your existing drive. 4. You will need to be able to remove and replace hard drives with confidence including connection of the power and data interface and an understanding of Drive Jumper Settings may be necessary as well. Look You do not have to necessarily make the back up image to DVD' s you can instead Make the image on an external USB Hard Drive, we are going to try that option too!! 5. You will need a little time and patience also. 6. You will need some pens for writing on to the DVDs, should you make the image onto DVD,s. We recommend highly using DVD's instead of CD's because they hold so much more data. We are not sure if Acronis can handle duel layer DVD's, but we expect it will be fine: as long as your DVD Writer Drive is specified to be able to write to duel layer DVD's

If you are Backing up to DVD with say Acronis 10, for example, you need to be prepared to be there to pop DVDS in and out to do the backup and to Verify the Backup. You should also have a pen suitable for writing on a DVD / CD, so that you can label them as you go along, this is necessary and important.

Of course you cannot actually restore the Backup to a new disk until you have fitted that disk to the machine, and you will need to have made the DVD bootable.

In Acronus !0 you need to go through the various options when setting up the back up carefully, you should consider placing "the Acronis One - Click Restore" on the Media.

Acronis 10 Personal does have the ability for you to create an image of your entire drive on a separate partition on your existing Hard Drive, but if you do that then it is likely to be of limited use if your Hard Drive fails significantly.... it is far better for you to make an Image on an external drive or on DVDs and then restore to a brand new hard drive!!! --- yes that is a lot safer!!!

"It is Far Better for you to create and Image of your main Hard Disk Drive on a totally separate Hard Disk from your main Hard Drive........ essentially it is damn right bonkers to create an image of your drive on the same drive that that image is of.. this breaks all the rules and if you think about it for a few seconds you will see why!!" - 04 Febuary 2009

Here We are going to cover the subject of Making the Back Up Image on a Separate USB 2.0 External Hard Disk Drive.

Clearly, you will need to have a bootable DVD if you do intend to restore from an image you put onto an External USB 2.0 Disk Drive: Like for example the Iomega Desktop Hard Drive Hi-Speed USB2.0 that Spins at 7200 RPM ( Oh yes according to the specs this drive is suitable for a G3 or Higher Macintosh Computer or a Pentium II class or equivalent processor- suitable for Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional / XP Home or XP Professional ).

How To make a so called Bootable Rescue DVD, using Acronis True Image 10 Personal Edition:

Put a DVD -R into your DVD Drive, choose take no action from the Auto start dialoge box. Start Acronis and choose the option Create Bootable Rescue Media, click next and select D: ( well D: is probably your dvd writing drive ), do not select A: or Iso Image. You choose what to put on the rescue media, I think the best choice is Acronis True Image (full version). When finished there should be a message saying operation completed sucessfully, label the DVD appropriately with a DVD Pen.

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