Why would you want to pay someone to clean your Computer

Well there are quite a few reasons why you would benefit from getting your computer properly cleaned…. and we are going to mention some of them here! Dirt build-up in a computer can cause various problems, one of them is component overheating and that can be a chip set or a power transistor or a graphics card chip. The other problem that excessive dirt can get into the connectors between various parts of the PC.

Dirt and dust can cause problems if it builds up on fans causing them to either become unbalanced or for the bearings to become worn out. Fans that become unbalanced can become very noisy indeed and that can get on your wick if you use the computer a fair bit.

In short the demise of various components can be speeded up considerably if a computer is left to get dirtier and dirtier, and component failure will cost you money when expensive parts need to be replaced. So there!

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