What software should you use to try to remove malware ?

This is a brilliant question, but is one that has a slightly different bent behind it depending upon whether or not you have a casual interest in the subject, or are you some dude who has a nice new computer or laptop that has been infected with a juicy bit of Malware…??

Now then… Malware is normally something that’s trying to compromise your computer it might be trying to steal your gaming passwords or it might be trying to get hold of your banking passwords, or something similar,  but I bet you it is up to no good…..

We at chephrenrepairs.com are experts at finding removing and effectively destroying malware, and therefore on this page we will say a bit about that… like spilling the beans!!!

A good bet to start with is” Malwarebytes”, this is a good piece of software that you can obtain a free version of and it can be installed onto a CD and run from there, that is probably easier than putting it onto a memory stick…… but remember this is just one piece of software in the arsenal of tools to fight malware and also sometimes you cannot access the CD rom drive on an infected machine, this is quite often true with a virus on a computer.

You might choose to use Spybot search and destroy, this is also a free program, but you need to possibly install this on a working computer and then possibly put the drive from the infected machine onto an external caddy, and attach this to the computer that not infected……. this little trick is often one worth employing…..