We Repair Computers anywhere between Reading Taplow and Thatcham

Are you seeking a Computer Repair Company, because your computer has stopped working or is just working some of the time.  We will tackle any issue, so if your computer has  just refused to connect to the internet, or your computer has a cracked screen, or your computer has failed to start up the mouse, or you computer has come up with an error message, like can not find operating system, or a message saying that it is low on virtual memory, or says something that you just can not decipher at all….

Do you just want your computer sorted out, upgraded or just simply made to work again like it did when you carefully unpacked it out of its box…. We offer you several options…. you can simply bring your computer to us, or we can come along to you. or if you live in Reading we can pick up your computer for you .. that’s three options isit.n;

Probably if you can find this page we  can find you, well that’s how the internet works ain’t it, is your mind completely ploughed!! look if you can fix your own computer yourself you do not have to hire a Witcher, or stop a  CAR IN THE STREET AND ASK THE OCCUPANT TO STEP OUT OF THE VEHICLE AND SPREED THEM.

Do you want the  screen replaced or the computer cleaned because it has over heated, or a Virus or Root kit removed permanently, or your machine brought back from the dead, like a livin doll, oh yes we do that we resurrect your computer if that’s whats required.