Running up Windows Server 2008 R2 on a PC and other stuff…..

It is s possible to get this from Microsoft without paying for it, and all you have to do is just download it from their website and burn the ISO Image to a new DVD -R disk, then you are ready to install it. What we are talking about is the Windows 2008 Server R2 180 day trial version. This is readily available, and its quite a large file but once its downloaded it can be burnt to DVD using cdburnerxp, this is free software ans its easty to use and it is completely safe, just be sure that you are downloading this software on its own…. i.e. make sure you don’t tick any boxes or leave any ticked to download anything else with it.


Once you have downloaded the iso image and burnt it to DVD , this will be boot-able. There are a few things to do once it is been booted and during installation but we will cover them in this page. Whilst it is installing you must create a password for the administrator, choose one at least easy to remember and 8 characters long. Remember that this the only way into the server right at the beginning, so do not forget this password.

Once the server is installed you can use it, but you must activate it within ten days,now i guess you are wondering how are you going to do that, well we are activating ours tomorrow, when this page will be extended. In order to activate the product, you must connect your new server to the internet, and you must do that before you activate the product, so have you lan cable ready to plug into your router. We