How do you test a hard drive…. on a computer thats been dropped

An interesting question and important also, because if you are repairing computers and your customer gives you say a laptop and asks you to repair it, then you need to be sure that the hard disk is in fact working well enough to be reliable to put data on it.

We were given a laptop that had been dropped in a bedroom onto the floor, unfortunately the customer had misplaced the power supply the machine in question was an acer Extensa 5235, with a Celeron intel processor and a 160 gb western digital hard drive.

First things first….. clearly we need power to it so a tripĀ  to maplins sorted that we got a 120 watt laptop powersupply one that can power a whole lot of diffrent laptops as it has diffrent enasa to the power supply to deal with diffrent voltages….. a 65 watt one would probably of done, but getting a more powerfull one was what we choose!