Help My Computer will not Boot, or start up.

We will diagnose what is wrong with your computer then give you a quote to mend it completely, then we will carry out the work once you agree you want it done. Effectively we will resurrect your computer and re-instate it back to a fully working computer that is reliably operating. We can do the work here in Maiden Erleigh, or we can come to you, its up to you. We serve small businesses and serve private individuals.

We have experience repairing every different make and model of computer available in the United Kingdom. We operate across Berkshire and Southern Oxfordshire, in fact here is a direct link to a blog article that tell you precisely which post code areas we do cover… is simple and straight forward, here is a link to that blog article Areas Covered by

Look you now have a choice you can get your computer repaired, you can sell it to us for its scrap value, we ensure your data is recovered and retained  for you. or just go out any buy a new one form a shop, or buy one on line… thats a few choices isn’t it.



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