Has your Computer stopped working, need connection to the internet, or has your computer refused to boot up.

Computer Repairs including Repairs of Laptop Screens, Recovery of all your data back to your net book or Tower PC, Has your computer been infested with thousands of Viruses and malicious software objects, are you unable to receive or send e-mails via Outlook or Outlook Express?

Are you just simply the victim of  spyware, instead of going to your Yahoo home page or Bing or to Google or Ask or Zone  Alarm, does your computer show you instead a picture of a naked woman with only her pubic hair preventing you seeing her most sensitive and sensitive and inter mate parts with links to some highly dubious internet pleasures!

Has your Skype just stopped working sometimes or all together. What happened to your printer or print facility, has that just packed up totally,

Is enough enough, do you want something done… Has your Computer slowed to a pace that allows you do nothing in the next 12 hours…… no internet shopping or paying the Gas bill on line buying no applying for a job on line or wi -fi printing…

Chephrenrepairs.com evolving in to the kind of IT. service that up close , Personal Effective, and is hard hitting. We use no Middle Men  no Agents no  Sub contractors, You get service , you get Value added service bolted on as standard.

chephrenrepairs.com e mail repairs@chephrenrepairs.com or just fill in our form on the home page or ring our number Reading 3278433 oh yes the code for Reading is 0118, simple….

We are in competition with Dell, Greenacre computers, we were in competition with Novatech, but they are not in Reading now, we were in competition with a few other computer repair forces that have come and gone. Look use PC  World or  onefix if you like or  give chephrenrepairs.com a whirl……