Getting the Wi – Fi working on a very Old IBM Thinkpad T41 Laptop

Receintly we had a customer’s IBM Think Pad in and it effectively was not usable because the main user had a password on the main account and, for some reason, that password did not work. We decided to get the custome’s data off the computer and put it onto DVD’S and then to use the in built program to put the IBM Think pad back to how it was when it came out of the factory.. How do you do that you may ask…ok well on some IBM Thinkpads you can get to the hiddern partition via the bios, so just do that and look for the option to recover the entire computer..

If you do that you will format the drive and put an image on that which will probably be windows XP. So get your data safe first.

Once you have done that you will probably find that you have a couple of problems and one of them will almost certainly be getting the Wi-fi internal card to actually work. We found that there were no drivers and the little green wi-fi light does not light at all, hence you have no Wi-f i at all. The Solution involves getting the driver from the Lenovo Web site. The driver did take some finding and the way to find it is to go into the device manager and find the specific name of the Wi-fi card, then search the Web site with the complete name of the card itself. Down load the driver to a computer, burn it to a CD using  CD Burner XP, here is the link directly to the software  CD Burner XP then start the device manager, find the device and tell it to update the driver and actually point the driver update dialog box at the directory the driver is in…. do not just run the driver from the CD that will not work! The detail goes like this…

Get the CD with the driver on it and  put it into the Thinkpad DVD drive. Then run the driver, this will cause certain files to be put onto the hard drive of the Thinkpad…. make a note of exactly where these files are put. Now simply fire up the device manager and remember that is in control panel system.. now ask the device to update the driver and point the software directly at the directory where the files are on the hard disk. Simple, but you cannot run the program you downloaded on its own, that just writes files to your Thinkpad’s hard drive only!

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