Windows 8, Its here, so what Versions are there, what if you want it free!

Windows 8, I think this was released on the 26th of last month,

i.e. on the 26th October 2012. We have done a little investigating. We discovered that  there are several versions, there are versions that are really designed to work on tablets, and other versions designed more for a PC or laptop. The RT Version is the one for tablet computers and generally will be pre-installed onto tablets…. So You don’t need that one for a PC or a laptop.

We checked at Novatech  and discovered that the only seems to be OEM versions and no retail versions, that we thought was odd. It seems that you can get a Windows 8  Home version and a Windows 8 Professional version, clearly the professional version is the more expensive on and has some extra features inbuilt into it. We discovered that you can get a 32 bit version and a 64 bit version, so that makes four doesn’t it.  Clearly, it is possible to get some upgrade editions, but they allow you to update from previous versions of Windows, but we did not see them in the list of available versions at Novatech. We have looked since and found some upgrade options so they do exist.

If you are going to buy a copy of Windows 8 you really need to think about a few things: Firstly there are not many laptops on sale just yet that have touch sensitive screens built in, and you need that if you are to use the Metro interface, that is the touch sensitive interface in Windows 8.

In order to make most use of Windows 8 and its new touch sensitive functionality, you should consider buying a touch sensitive screen, these are certainly available, Viewsonic make them and of course other manufacturers make them.  You may ask? how does the touch sensitive screen work, well, you need a spare USB socket on you computer.. there is a lead on the monitor that you plug in to your computer. So clearly you plug in the normal video lead, and this extra USB lead. We did this on a beta version of Windows 8, and the software detected the screen and just worked straight away with out us doing anything… supper CJ!.

Just to finish of this blog article, If you do not want to buy Windows 8 straight away, but you want it there is a free version you can get, but it will only work on a disk between now and January 16th 2013…. but that gives you enough time to play with it over Christmas. We have downloaded it, but when we looked for it today we found it difficult to find.

Anyway, if you have read this,. its now time to feed the dog, or to play a bit more of Witcher 2 on the Xbox 360, or buy something on ebay, or tear your self away from a dodgy or even doggy website, or get your laptop repaired, or make some home made soup from the parsnips in the basket by the kitchen sink, or clean your shoes, or look for a rubber band in the kitchen draw amongst the expired shopping vouchers, bent drawing pins, and those plastic clips that seal up the freezer bags  or GET YOUR LAPTOP REPAIRED……. whats that, yes you can do that go to, you can just go straight there from here: Link: to or you can find chephrenrepairs in Thompson local  under Computer Maintenance, or in Yellow Pages, both the physical book or on line. Use our “Walk out with it Working Service”. Here is the link: Walk out with it working.

Moving on …. I think you would like to know what does the pro version of Windows 8 have that the Home version does not have..

  • Boot-able from VHD (Virtual Hard Disk)
  • Bit Locker and Bit Locker to Go.
  • Able to join Domains
  • Able to enforce group policies.
  • Remote desktop from another computer.
  • Client Hyper – V.
  • Encrypting File System

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