What if Your laptop won’t start, charge, connect to the Wi-Fi, or TalkTalk!

Whats Wrong with your laptop or your net book or you Router or even your phone line….. do you want some one to come over and sort it out for you. Chephrenrepairs.com is a Computer Repairs company, but we go a little further we offer software and Hardware advice. What ever is wrong with your I.T. Equipment we can step in remove the hassle and pain, and get your processor, Memory and Network literally humming and working in harmony. Has your firewall just suddenly sprang a leak, if there a problem with you Broad Band!

We repair or otherwise fix computers and that includes Netbooks, Laptops, Ultrabooks, Desk Top and Tower PC’s, Printers, and Other I.T. Equipment. Whether you need a new Keyboard on your laptop or you need a new power jack attached to you computer or you want a Virus dealt with for good. We operate a repairs service for all I.T Equipment across Berkshire, Southern Oxfordshire and Northern Hampshire, everywhere from Chineham to Wallingford and Slough  To Thatcham.

We offer both a mobile service as well as a Workshop Service, our Workshop is positioned close to Reading and is in fact in between Reading and Wokingham. We offer also a free PC Health Check. that’s free ok.



Wi – Fi Making it work faultlessly In Every Room of your Property.

May be just maybe, you might find that Your Wireless Internet Access is not really what it  should be in every room of the house, Perhaps it good in the front of the house, but in the back near the en-suite Master Bedroom connecting to the internet is about as successful as your very first batch of beer you had at home before you read any books about beer making.

We can do what you want if you have a Wireless Internet Router, or even if you have no Wireless Internet Router at all, but for some reason, your Wi-Fi is broken, busted or simply just under performing. You may have noticed that the Wi- Fi Signal is either very flaky, intermittent or even just absent in some parts or your residence. What if!! look if you can not connect to the internet at all but the Wi- Fi signal is there and strong, we can also  get you connected to the Internet or what is otherwise known as “the World Wide Web.”

Getting Your Wireless Network Working properly.

Look a Wireless network will not work unless the Router you have is connected to a proper phone line that is still working and unbroken, i.e a line that is connected to the main line that leaves your house and goes to the phone exchange at the other end of the line….

You can sometimes tell what’s happening by looking at the lights on the front of the Router. In fact your Router manual will tell you what each light represents…one of the lights will indicate ADSL Sync, and if that light is not on: ie dark or not lit, than there’s a reasonable chance that your phone line is either disscinected or has a problem…..or it is possible that there is a problem inbetween the extension you are on and the main socket where your phone line enters the building.

In order to tell more try locating the temination box of your BT Phone line. Now take all plugs out of that box and plug in one splitter and one phone into the splitter and plug in the router directly in to the splitter. Now what you need to do is see if you have a dial tone and can make a regular telephone call. If you have no dial tone try connecting just the phone on its own to the Main BT socket on its own. If still no dial tone, try a diffrent telephone, but make sure it is one that you know does work, the way to do that is test it on a diffrent physical phone line.

WordPress 3.0 Course Reading Berkshire UK Earth.

Do you want to have some one to Hold Your hand through the WordPress Garden and point out all the Rabbit Holes and Badger Sets in that Garden that might trip you up!!?
Chephrenrepairs.com offers a Course in WordPress Yep we will just Say that again, Chephrenrepairs.com offers a Course in WordPress
The Course covers the Very Very Popular Open Source CMS Software that allows you to make a Web Site really fast without Learning HTML, XML, CSS Java Script or PHP or any other Web Writting Technology.. its perfect for the Lad or Lass that wants to construct a web site simply, quickly and without too much fuss.

Here is the link to our page about the course WordPress 3.0 Course Reading Berks.


Look if You Don’t Want it and You Don’t Need it and you are Happy sitting on the Fence with Splinters in your Arse then don’t Come on the Course!! thats Plain I think.

Laptop Screen Repairs Berkshire Hampshire and Oxfordshire


Yep…. we Repair Laptop and Netbook Screens of all types whether it is an LCD, or TFT or LED Type. If you have damaged or somehow smashed your screen then we will repair it for you. It does not matter … Continue reading

Laptop and Netbook Screen Repair Service

www.chephrenrepairs.com offers a Laptop and Netbook Screen Repair Service within the UK.

How Does it work:

You provide us with you full address, email address, phone numbers as well  as the laptop or netbook with its complete power cable. We will assess what screen the laptop needs and also provide you with an accurate quote to get the work done.

If you actually agree to the quote then we make sure that the work is done to a standard and checked to ensure all is well. No screen repair will be done without you agreeing to the quote first under any circumstances.

Before you send the unit or bring it to us: you should talk to us to determine that the problem is the screen and is not the screen and other problems as well. You should call us on 0118 9352873.

“We are not able to provide accurate quotes without seeing the Laptop or Netbook first!!”

You will be required to pay for the job by postal order or by paypall before the laptop is sent back to you.
Plus every Job will have it’s own job number that you will be given by email.
We will send you either an email or a text message when your computer gets to us; so you know it is safe and with us…..
Our Service is not available to any person or company that is  ouside  the UK.
We will endevor to give you a proper quote at the earliest opportunity once we recieve the laptop or Netbook machine.  Your will receive a text message or email  containing both the date we receive the laptop as well as the make and model of it and the actual job number allocated to the job.
All jobs where you bring in the laptop or Netbook to us will be turned around in under  6 working days, and oftern  very much quicker than that, we are able to obtain the actual screen the next day provided we order it before midday!