what can you learn by installing a windows 2008 server yourself?

Firstly, you can create some users of that server and give them passwords. Then you can see if you can connect the server to the internet via your router. Then you can takes a look at what the server comes with… Well there is a browser, but the security on that browser is far more than a browser on win7. The user can be promoted to be a domain controller, this will give you a domain…

we are going to look at how to do this, and also how to find out if your server can be made in to an exchange server and how you do that… Come back to this site soon.. Details of how to do this will be here..


You can download an evaluation version of exchange 2007 server to install on you windows server 2008r2. Note the exchange server llcence will allow last for 120 days about 3.5 months.