WordPress 3.0 Course Reading Berkshire UK Earth.

Do you want to have some one to Hold Your hand through the WordPress Garden and point out all the Rabbit Holes and Badger Sets in that Garden that might trip you up!!?
Chephrenrepairs.com offers a Course in WordPress Yep we will just Say that again, Chephrenrepairs.com offers a Course in WordPress
The Course covers the Very Very Popular Open Source CMS Software that allows you to make a Web Site really fast without Learning HTML, XML, CSS Java Script or PHP or any other Web Writting Technology.. its perfect for the Lad or Lass that wants to construct a web site simply, quickly and without too much fuss.

Here is the link to our page about the course WordPress 3.0 Course Reading Berks.


Look if You Don’t Want it and You Don’t Need it and you are Happy sitting on the Fence with Splinters in your Arse then don’t Come on the Course!! thats Plain I think.