My laptop not start boot,want it repaired mended ¬ I do not want replace it


My Laptop will not start up, it will not boot and it was ok yesterday!!. If you have a laptop that is any make you like: Toshiba, HP, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens, IBM, or anyone computer you can buy in the United Kingdom, or in England Scotland or Wales. It’s not Rocket Science its Computer Science and We can repair you laptop for you in most cases for a reasonable cost….. lets do the maths right here: lets say it costs £424.00 to buy a new laptop and between £75.00 and about £150.00 to get it repaired so it works like new. With all the data still on it.  Lets say repair time is about 2 to 3 days max, and lets say you can’t’ decide what to do, you could do one of a few things couldn’t you..

Well you could contact by filling in the very simple and quick web form find that form is on the home page of here is the link: link to homepage of you can email here is the email address :



What if Your laptop won’t start, charge, connect to the Wi-Fi, or TalkTalk!

Whats Wrong with your laptop or your net book or you Router or even your phone line….. do you want some one to come over and sort it out for you. is a Computer Repairs company, but we go a little further we offer software and Hardware advice. What ever is wrong with your I.T. Equipment we can step in remove the hassle and pain, and get your processor, Memory and Network literally humming and working in harmony. Has your firewall just suddenly sprang a leak, if there a problem with you Broad Band!

We repair or otherwise fix computers and that includes Netbooks, Laptops, Ultrabooks, Desk Top and Tower PC’s, Printers, and Other I.T. Equipment. Whether you need a new Keyboard on your laptop or you need a new power jack attached to you computer or you want a Virus dealt with for good. We operate a repairs service for all I.T Equipment across Berkshire, Southern Oxfordshire and Northern Hampshire, everywhere from Chineham to Wallingford and Slough  To Thatcham.

We offer both a mobile service as well as a Workshop Service, our Workshop is positioned close to Reading and is in fact in between Reading and Wokingham. We offer also a free PC Health Check. that’s free ok.



Removal Of Viruses, Spyware Malwear, Spoff Anti Virus software

We remove all types of malicious software from you computer. We make sure that steps are taken to preserve all of your personal data for every virus removal. We ensure that after a couple of hours work we give you an accurate verbal of written quote that we stick to.

If there is anything that is either hijacking your browser, or taking you to a web page that is not the one you intended, we will detect it, remove the culprit and test thoroughly that everything is working correctly.

If you think that you have a virus we can either mend it at our workshops or can come out to you and deal with the problem on site at your premises. If we visit you we will give you a time and we will be there exactly when we say we will be.

Our Workshops are based in Earley so we are local to Reading, Wokingham, Winnersh, Sindlesham, Twyford and Hurst.

Our contact details Phone:0118 9352873, mobile : 07519 134333, E:, or fill in our form  on our home page here is the link:

WordPress 3.0 Course Reading Berkshire UK Earth.

Do you want to have some one to Hold Your hand through the WordPress Garden and point out all the Rabbit Holes and Badger Sets in that Garden that might trip you up!!? offers a Course in WordPress Yep we will just Say that again, offers a Course in WordPress
The Course covers the Very Very Popular Open Source CMS Software that allows you to make a Web Site really fast without Learning HTML, XML, CSS Java Script or PHP or any other Web Writting Technology.. its perfect for the Lad or Lass that wants to construct a web site simply, quickly and without too much fuss.

Here is the link to our page about the course WordPress 3.0 Course Reading Berks.


Look if You Don’t Want it and You Don’t Need it and you are Happy sitting on the Fence with Splinters in your Arse then don’t Come on the Course!! thats Plain I think.