what can you learn by installing a windows 2008 server yourself?

Firstly, you can create some users of that server and give them passwords. Then you can see if you can connect the server to the internet via your router. Then you can takes a look at what the server comes with… Well there is a browser, but the security on that browser is far more than a browser on win7. The user can be promoted to be a domain controller, this will give you a domain…

we are going to look at how to do this, and also how to find out if your server can be made in to an exchange server and how you do that… Come back to this site soon.. Details of how to do this will be here..


You can download an evaluation version of exchange 2007 server to install on you windows server 2008r2. Note the exchange server llcence will allow last for 120 days about 3.5 months.


How to create a site map, how to validate the sitemap how to upload a sitemap.

Go  and make sure you have your web pages actually uploaded to your web site first of all. Then go to this page sitemap generator.

Once you have created the sitemap upload it to your computer using the same tool, so you have got the sitemap on you local computer. Next you need to validate your site map. to do that you should go toa page that allows you to validate the site map. In actual fact you should validate the sitemap.




you know which pages on your website have been indexed

Well one way to do this is to go directly to Google.com and then in the search box type in:


Site: yoursitename.com, where of course yoursitename.com is the actual url of your web site.

In fact if you go to google.com and instead type in:

Site: www.sitename.com you will get a slightly different result. with our website you get more results using www.chephrenrepairs.com. Basically this is one way of finding out which pages of your website have been indexed by Google.


Look you really do need a Site Map on your web site?!!….

The inexperienced SEO man knows that he needs a site map on his web site and probably knows how to create one, where on the web site to put the sitemap and how to let google and Bing know that the site map is there……

The more experienced, shall we say seasoned SEO man knows a tad more, he knows which tool to use to create the site map, he know how to validate the site map, and that it should be validated prior to being uploaded to the live web site. The sitemap can be created using this software tool :  XML Sitemap generator


My laptop not start boot,want it repaired mended ¬ I do not want replace it


My Laptop will not start up, it will not boot and it was ok yesterday!!. If you have a laptop that is any make you like: Toshiba, HP, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens, IBM, or anyone computer you can buy in the United Kingdom, or in England Scotland or Wales. It’s not Rocket Science its Computer Science and We can repair you laptop for you in most cases for a reasonable cost….. lets do the maths right here: lets say it costs £424.00 to buy a new laptop and between £75.00 and about £150.00 to get it repaired so it works like new. With all the data still on it.  Lets say repair time is about 2 to 3 days max, and lets say you can’t’ decide what to do, you could do one of a few things couldn’t you..

Well you could contact chephrenrepairs.com by filling in the very simple and quick web form find that form is on the home page of chephrenrepairs.com here is the link: link to homepage of chephrenrepair.com. you can email chephrenrepairs.com here is the email address : repairs@chephrenrepairs.com



How do you submit your Website to Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask – and build a site map.

OK so here we go…… up until a while ago it was possible to submit your web site to Google, Bing and Yahoo, and I did have some information about that on this page



But things have changed a lot since that page was updated, so we need to start again. Firstly, if  you go to this page

http://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html and then click on submit your site for free, you will be directed to this page: http://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster That of course is bing, so you see that Bing have swallowed up  Yahoo. Essentially once you are there you must log in to bing, so be sure to create an account, you can set up your account to remember  your password if you like, but do not do that in a public office or in a library or any such place for obvious reasons. Once into the bing dashboard as it is called you will have a bunch of tools available to you, but it is not instantly clear how to use them.Well we looked at it and found just 4 pages had been submitted to bing, that’s four, that’s clearly not enough, so we set about submitting a few more…

Now here comes the tricky bit, bing restricts you to submitting just ten unique pages per day, so you better choose very carefully which ones you do submit, and secondly you should try to submit pagers that are fairly complete, say more than 300 words, and ones with good meaningful titles ion them. Note  for sure you can submit another ten pages tomorrow, but look bing also restricts the number or pages you can submit in a month that tittle tally seems to be about 49!! not 300 as you might expect…. Once you have submitted up to your allowance i guess you have to wait till next month…..

Doing SEO for a Word press website is different from just a regular web page created in say dream weaver.
here you can submit web pages to Bing

dicfcoms.exe is showing a dialog box that says application error – mouse cursor locked

This is part to of the dicfcoms.exe application error dialog box prevents booting for windows XP home post. Clearly something has transferred onto the computer and the fact that the mouse cursor will not move at all: makes logging on to any account that you see on the log on screen, beneath this dialog box mentioned, impossible. Knowing the passwords to use to log on does not help, and so, like many wars in the past we are looking to develop a number of software tools and techniques to get the computer working once more —- in fact an arsenal of software, to fix the issue.

Things we are considering are numerous, but we mention them here for you to read at your leisure… We got hold of some USB  memory sticks from the local computer shop or Tesco or Sainsbury’s, and then thought. We made a bootable AVG Antivirus program on one USB stick, this uses a Linux OS to sit the antivirus program on and whilst connected to a PC that has working broadband can be updated, we updated it. You need a working pc with no problems connected to the internet by broadband to do this step!!

Next we googled What is Windows Defender Offline, and that will take you to a listing of pages displayed by Google. The top page is probably this one.

Windows Defender offline is a another program that makes a bootable USB Stick at the same time that it is installed, there are just a few steps to making this tool and those are, Get the USB Stick unwrapped and plug it into you working computer, use My Computer to find the new drive and make a note of which drive letter is the new USB Stick, Go to the page we mentioned above, then scroll down till you find the links to the downloads, download the one you want, (notice there is a 32 bit and a 64 bit version) ( look you can easily find out what version of windows you have, just go to  Control panel and double click on system, open this up, and read what you see!!).

Windows XP 32 bit” I am sure you know that,” but Vista can be 64 bit as can Windows 7 and 8. One the program is downloaded, run it and you will be prompted, to put it on a USB stick or CD, clearly pick USB and choose the new one you have plugged in. The program will put all the files needed on the drive and make it bootable, then all you have to do is make the USB Memory stick (USB Drive) the first bootable device, then boot and make sure you run a full scan. (note that a quick scan will be performed the very first time the computer is booted to the new USB Drive), but you can initiate a full scan.

Hitman Pro is the next thing, this is a second opinion scanner,  There are two versions, the 32 bit and 64 bit versions. The program can be put onto a USB stick, but cleverly this can be made bootable, and Hit man Pro will run on the machine whilst Windows is actually running. Getting Hitman Pro to work is slightly tricky, but we will tell you right here in this blog post whats required….. You need to download the right one for the machine concerned, but whats more important is that you can not actually run Hit man pro until you have activated the 30 day license, if you do not do that it simply will not work whatever you do.

So in brief, If you want to run a scanner that is bootable but can run whilst your machine has done its best to boot, then Hit Man pro might be the weapon you want.

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What if Your laptop won’t start, charge, connect to the Wi-Fi, or TalkTalk!

Whats Wrong with your laptop or your net book or you Router or even your phone line….. do you want some one to come over and sort it out for you. Chephrenrepairs.com is a Computer Repairs company, but we go a little further we offer software and Hardware advice. What ever is wrong with your I.T. Equipment we can step in remove the hassle and pain, and get your processor, Memory and Network literally humming and working in harmony. Has your firewall just suddenly sprang a leak, if there a problem with you Broad Band!

We repair or otherwise fix computers and that includes Netbooks, Laptops, Ultrabooks, Desk Top and Tower PC’s, Printers, and Other I.T. Equipment. Whether you need a new Keyboard on your laptop or you need a new power jack attached to you computer or you want a Virus dealt with for good. We operate a repairs service for all I.T Equipment across Berkshire, Southern Oxfordshire and Northern Hampshire, everywhere from Chineham to Wallingford and Slough  To Thatcham.

We offer both a mobile service as well as a Workshop Service, our Workshop is positioned close to Reading and is in fact in between Reading and Wokingham. We offer also a free PC Health Check. that’s free ok.