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Do you fancy a Course in WordPress, Yes that’s Right you heard me a COUrse in WordPress….. Delivered over 2 days and giving you enough information to bravely setup from absolute completely from scratch a Web Site that you have total control over and one that might look a bit like this one > Part of Chephrenrepairs.com Your Local Computer repairs Facility based in Reading Berks England UK oh yes that was the link to a portion of our web site……. What do you think????

The course covers what you need in order to get wordpress running, and goes onto explain precisely how you use WordPress to create both Blog articles as well as complete whole web pages….. We also cover how to go about putting pictures onto your new web site and how do you put tags into both your blog articles and your Web pages ..


WARNING … The course is intensive, and very hands on Practical, you will need a laptop that is Wi-Fi capable to do the course with a Web Browser installed and some nice cheese and pickle sandwiches to eat at lunch time……….

Interested……. Do you want to actually put aside you fears and go on a Practical and very hands on course thats both fun and teaches you what you need to do it yourself…. if you and fretful or terrified we will deal with that for you too…….

“Remember in Word 2010 the quickest way to get to spell checking is to press F7 a tip brought to you by chephrenrepairs.com”

WordPress Is a Free Open Source package, that means it free for you to download Install and use How good it that or would Your rather give a couple of Conubines and a Donky for a Copy…Really is a No Brainer…. Stop Procrastinaing Now! WordPress handles Text Briliiantly and it is ok at handling images also, so you can have nice pictures on Your Web Site if you like.

Oh Yes we forgot you want to know the price of the course as well as where it is to be held and you want to know how to find out more details and to book a place on it??? all these questions are answered here>>

The Course is £135 per day per person, and you can book it up using a regular telephone. The cost is all inclusive of tuition and free tea. The course is ran in Central Reading and to book ring Chephrenrepairs.com on 0118 9352873 or you can ring 07519 134333 simple really.

–Look if you are shy you can simply make an enquiry by going to this page and typing in a quick message Contact Page For Chephrenrepairs.com

In a far off  high mountain  pass a big iron bell tolls in the morning mist and a Jackdor screeches and the WordPress Course starts….. Why Would you use WordPress Any Way!!!?

A good Question…. WordPress IS a brilliant easy to use CMS, whats that mean: it is a Contact Management System….. but it more cool and flexable than that you can use it write blogs or can use it to build complete Web Pages or you can use it to Make Static old fashioned Web Pages if you like and you can adapt it to make it Search Engine Freindly yourself. You can Create a Complete Web Site without having to learn HTML or XML or CSS or Java Script or any thing else like that….. just Thought I’d let you know that ….

If you think you are not clever enough to learn WordPress Yourself I can promise you it is not difficult:  it’s like falling off a Log in a Warm Mountain Pool on a Sunny Afternoon!

WordPress is a very Flexable and Quick to Use CMS System, That Means that it is Simple to use, but it also means it can do some fairly Clever Stuff, it does handle text well but can also handle Pictures also, and a Picture can tell a thousand words! CMS means Content Management  System. it is Web Based, it Is Open Source, it is Free, and it is Fun!!

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