Look you really do need a Site Map on your web site?!!….

The inexperienced SEO man knows that he needs a site map on his web site and probably knows how to create one, where on the web site to put the sitemap and how to let google and Bing know that the site map is there……

The more experienced, shall we say seasoned SEO man knows a tad more, he knows which tool to use to create the site map, he know how to validate the site map, and that it should be validated prior to being uploaded to the live web site. The sitemap can be created using this software tool :  XML Sitemap generator


My laptop not start boot,want it repaired mended ¬ I do not want replace it


My Laptop will not start up, it will not boot and it was ok yesterday!!. If you have a laptop that is any make you like: Toshiba, HP, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens, IBM, or anyone computer you can buy in the United Kingdom, or in England Scotland or Wales. It’s not Rocket Science its Computer Science and We can repair you laptop for you in most cases for a reasonable cost….. lets do the maths right here: lets say it costs £424.00 to buy a new laptop and between £75.00 and about £150.00 to get it repaired so it works like new. With all the data still on it.  Lets say repair time is about 2 to 3 days max, and lets say you can’t’ decide what to do, you could do one of a few things couldn’t you..

Well you could contact chephrenrepairs.com by filling in the very simple and quick web form find that form is on the home page of chephrenrepairs.com here is the link: link to homepage of chephrenrepair.com. you can email chephrenrepairs.com here is the email address : repairs@chephrenrepairs.com



How do you submit your Website to Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask – and build a site map.

OK so here we go…… up until a while ago it was possible to submit your web site to Google, Bing and Yahoo, and I did have some information about that on this page



But things have changed a lot since that page was updated, so we need to start again. Firstly, if  you go to this page

http://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html and then click on submit your site for free, you will be directed to this page: http://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster That of course is bing, so you see that Bing have swallowed up  Yahoo. Essentially once you are there you must log in to bing, so be sure to create an account, you can set up your account to remember  your password if you like, but do not do that in a public office or in a library or any such place for obvious reasons. Once into the bing dashboard as it is called you will have a bunch of tools available to you, but it is not instantly clear how to use them.Well we looked at it and found just 4 pages had been submitted to bing, that’s four, that’s clearly not enough, so we set about submitting a few more…

Now here comes the tricky bit, bing restricts you to submitting just ten unique pages per day, so you better choose very carefully which ones you do submit, and secondly you should try to submit pagers that are fairly complete, say more than 300 words, and ones with good meaningful titles ion them. Note  for sure you can submit another ten pages tomorrow, but look bing also restricts the number or pages you can submit in a month that tittle tally seems to be about 49!! not 300 as you might expect…. Once you have submitted up to your allowance i guess you have to wait till next month…..

Doing SEO for a Word press website is different from just a regular web page created in say dream weaver.
here you can submit web pages to Bing