dicfcoms.exe is showing a dialog box that says application error – mouse cursor locked

This is part to of the dicfcoms.exe application error dialog box prevents booting for windows XP home post. Clearly something has transferred onto the computer and the fact that the mouse cursor will not move at all: makes logging on to any account that you see on the log on screen, beneath this dialog box mentioned, impossible. Knowing the passwords to use to log on does not help, and so, like many wars in the past we are looking to develop a number of software tools and techniques to get the computer working once more —- in fact an arsenal of software, to fix the issue.

Things we are considering are numerous, but we mention them here for you to read at your leisure… We got hold of some USB  memory sticks from the local computer shop or Tesco or Sainsbury’s, and then thought. We made a bootable AVG Antivirus program on one USB stick, this uses a Linux OS to sit the antivirus program on and whilst connected to a PC that has working broadband can be updated, we updated it. You need a working pc with no problems connected to the internet by broadband to do this step!!

Next we googled What is Windows Defender Offline, and that will take you to a listing of pages displayed by Google. The top page is probably this one.

Windows Defender offline is a another program that makes a bootable USB Stick at the same time that it is installed, there are just a few steps to making this tool and those are, Get the USB Stick unwrapped and plug it into you working computer, use My Computer to find the new drive and make a note of which drive letter is the new USB Stick, Go to the page we mentioned above, then scroll down till you find the links to the downloads, download the one you want, (notice there is a 32 bit and a 64 bit version) ( look you can easily find out what version of windows you have, just go to  Control panel and double click on system, open this up, and read what you see!!).

Windows XP 32 bit” I am sure you know that,” but Vista can be 64 bit as can Windows 7 and 8. One the program is downloaded, run it and you will be prompted, to put it on a USB stick or CD, clearly pick USB and choose the new one you have plugged in. The program will put all the files needed on the drive and make it bootable, then all you have to do is make the USB Memory stick (USB Drive) the first bootable device, then boot and make sure you run a full scan. (note that a quick scan will be performed the very first time the computer is booted to the new USB Drive), but you can initiate a full scan.

Hitman Pro is the next thing, this is a second opinion scanner,  There are two versions, the 32 bit and 64 bit versions. The program can be put onto a USB stick, but cleverly this can be made bootable, and Hit man Pro will run on the machine whilst Windows is actually running. Getting Hitman Pro to work is slightly tricky, but we will tell you right here in this blog post whats required….. You need to download the right one for the machine concerned, but whats more important is that you can not actually run Hit man pro until you have activated the 30 day license, if you do not do that it simply will not work whatever you do.

So in brief, If you want to run a scanner that is bootable but can run whilst your machine has done its best to boot, then Hit Man pro might be the weapon you want.

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