More chasing Viruses Earley in the Morning

As I am sure you are aware we remove Viruses from your Laptop or Net book computer. And some Viruses are easier to deal with than others. The ones we are dealing with right now have prevented Malwarebytes from getting its updates, plus it has also prevented the computer from getting its regular updates also!I tried downloading Aviria Personal (German Software) and it downloaded ok, but says you need an Administrator password to install it, that’s typical Virus behaviour!! (Clearly even if you do have the correct Password for an Administrator Account, that will not work….. its just a message.)

We tried to attach an external DVD Drive and the Computer says you do not have permissions to add hardware…. once again typical Virus behaviour….

We decide to take the hard drive out of the Dell Tower PC, it has a Sata2 interface, So we thought we will use a sata to USB bridge and attach the drive to another computer. We made sure that that machine is not attached to the internet by pulling out the lan cable, then we did a complete scan with Kaspersky Internet Security….

We Set Kaspersky to try to disinfect and then to delete anything it found as the next action… The Scan found two Trojans, a trojan is a program that allows other programs or viruses to come down onto your computer thus ensuring that you will keep getting infected…

We made sure that these Trojans were deleted, then scanned again, and Kaspersky said there were no infections. Now we will take the Sata 2 Disk and put it back into the Dell Tower PC.. Next we will probably, if we can, attach an external DVD drive and then use that to install Malwarebytes again. It is a good idea sometimes to download the Malwarebytes on an uninfected computer; and then to rename the installer, and burn that to a new DVD -r, prior to trying to install it.

Some Viruses can detect the standard names for antivirus program installers and can then refuse to run the installer, at this point, the installer might just not run at all or, it might pop up a message saying you need to be an administrator to run that program.

Sometimes it is possible to run existing antivirus software on an infected machine and to delete the virus, but this is likley to be sucessfull if you have kept that antivirus program upto date. Most antivirus programs will update themselves, “but it does no harm to force an update at regular intervals if you have a computer attached to the internet and use it a great deal.”

Watch this space for further updates very soon…

You should configure your Antivirus software so that it scans any drive or memory stick or USB Device or Floppy Drive or any Hard Disk that is new. Any External Drive will probably be seen as a USB Device and, many Antivirus Programs, can be set to scan those immediately. Make sure that you update your Antivirus Program prior to attaching a disk to carry out a scan. There are many settings, that is software settings, that can be altered, and a good virus hunter will fully familiarise ones self with thouse settings, and know how to alter them all.

Even after we removed the Trojan programs from the computer we still had problems when we put the SATA Disk back into the Dell Dimension 5150 tower PC. (This part of this article is being written on our New Apple Macintosh G4)
The problems we still had included that we tried to download Aviria Personal once more, and once again it did report that is had downloaded, but then still asked for a password to allow us to
install Aviria…. So we thought what next…..

It is oftern the case, but by no means a certainty, that you may be able to download things that you want, when the computer is in Safe Mode, why you may ask, well by default many drivers and services are not loaded in safe mode, and by the same token the software that might be blocking you from downloading an antivirus piece of software might also not be loaded..
— Thus trying to put the machine into Safe Mode with networking and then either trying to down load something, or trying to run an existing software package, and also update that package over the internet is worth a whirl…..

We opted for the latter and not the former….. and put the machine into safe mode with Networking…..(To do this you press F8 right at start when you turn on the Computer). Note: There is a menu and the one you want is Safe Mode With Networking. Next we were able to start Malwarebytes which was already installed on the Dell, some kind soul had done that previously. —- We started Malware bytes and immediately it asked to update itself informing us by a little message that it was so many days out of date, We Let it try to update, and it did so, not only getting an update of the virus definitions but also downloading a newer version of Malwarebytes aswell.
Once that was done, se selected to do a scan and selected to do a Full Scan not a Quick Scan. 0118 9352873  ! 07519 134333 ! 07581 072323 Want a Virus removed try emailing us: E Mail

HP Photosmart C8180 inproper shut down message

Yep you knew it would happen, someone would bring in an HP printer with that old problem of continually shutting down, and saying inproper shut down, just when your secretary comes in to the office and says: “We need to print out this document for our best customer now … , at that moment a ladder in her stocking rips a few more centimeters, damit man NOW she shreeks, shatering  the  wine glass beside the fax machine…, shards scattered across the marble floor,  and storms off”

The problem is possibly the capacitors on the power board, said the man from knowhere……..

We are going to take it apart and replace thouse capacitors, and then it will work….

The YTS girl by the window who is edditing the Oracle database, suddenly squirms on the office chair, gets up  very suddenly and bolts for the rest room!

The man from know where says ” Yep you will need a couple of things, firstly a reel of solder that has a flux core, may be quite thin, say 0.7mm, and a temprature controlled 50 watt soldering iron, say adjustable from  about 250 degress c up to 450 degress c,” “oh yer and you probably need, to order some Capacitors, get ones that are the right size and voltage and are electrolytic, and of course the correct capacitance. look if you fit ones that are rated at a higher voltage that will not matter at all”

The Boss scratched his beard, than spilt his Klix coffee with two sugars, all down his corn blue tie, then he reached into his draw and pulled out a heavey package wrapped in oily brown thick paper….

When you start your Computer or Laptop

When you start up or boot your laptop or net book, do you get the feeling that you are clinging on to the rail right at the aft of the Titanic, looking straight up at the Hindenberg Airship, where someone is lighting a ciggy!

May be you want to get your PC fixed, we offer repairs, data transfer, and reconfiguration of your laptop to work properly..

We offer Data Recovery Service, Plus Removal of Viruses and Spywear and Virus obliteration….

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