Problems with an Old Fujitsu Siemens Laptop

Yep we are going to begin this blog by writing about the symptoms of the problem, and then latter on write a little about what we are doing to try so jolly well sort things out so it is once more working correctly.

Laptop is running Windows XP and also has a partition on it with Ubuntu 11.10 on it. Also, the machine is running a little program called grub that allows you, the actual user, to see as menu shortly after turning the laptop on that present you with a few choices.

The Main choices are start Unbuntu or start Windows XP.!

So whats the problem you screem…. We when Windows XP boots you the screen with the user logons on it and you can choose one and the machine starts up Windows XP. : thats when things go a little diddly sqot or tits up as many people say…!

Essentially the machine apears to boot, but when you click onto any of the icons for programs to start nothing much happens….. further , the little hourglass cursor is there a lot of the time….

So whats going on you may think…..

We thought we would cut to the chase so to speek and stop dicking about….. so we remover the hard disk it is as SATA 2 laptop drive, we attached it to a usb to sata device on a working computer, pluged in everything and…… lo and behold or Ericka…… The machine saw no disk……. nothin in my computer no auto run no nothing….. we could here the disk spinning..

So just to nail it  we put a diffrent 2.5 inch hard disk on to the same USB to Sata device and immediately the computer ran autostart and tried to scan the disk for viruses using Kaspersky….. that it then i think the disk has a problem…… down to the computer shop to get a new hdd… me thinks and reinstall from the computers original dvds that we do still have…..


Getting Your Wireless Network Working properly.

Look a Wireless network will not work unless the Router you have is connected to a proper phone line that is still working and unbroken, i.e a line that is connected to the main line that leaves your house and goes to the phone exchange at the other end of the line….

You can sometimes tell what’s happening by looking at the lights on the front of the Router. In fact your Router manual will tell you what each light represents…one of the lights will indicate ADSL Sync, and if that light is not on: ie dark or not lit, than there’s a reasonable chance that your phone line is either disscinected or has a problem…..or it is possible that there is a problem inbetween the extension you are on and the main socket where your phone line enters the building.

In order to tell more try locating the temination box of your BT Phone line. Now take all plugs out of that box and plug in one splitter and one phone into the splitter and plug in the router directly in to the splitter. Now what you need to do is see if you have a dial tone and can make a regular telephone call. If you have no dial tone try connecting just the phone on its own to the Main BT socket on its own. If still no dial tone, try a diffrent telephone, but make sure it is one that you know does work, the way to do that is test it on a diffrent physical phone line.

Now we have got the Touch Sensitive Screen Working

This is exciting, We unwrapped the viewsonic monitor and plugged it in. We are using a VGA Cable, thats new and a power cable and finally a USB Cable. Windows 8 booted ..
You see the little line of white dots whir round then bingo or eureka! there it is. i just edited this by spell checking by touching the screen how bloody Fab is that…. no flim flam no fuss no divers to install, just Touch screen technology running like you knew it would…. This is Brought to you by 0118 9352873  07519 134333Computer repairs in Reading and Maidenhead!