Laptop and Netbook Screen Repair Service offers a Laptop and Netbook Screen Repair Service within the UK.

How Does it work:

You provide us with you full address, email address, phone numbers as well  as the laptop or netbook with its complete power cable. We will assess what screen the laptop needs and also provide you with an accurate quote to get the work done.

If you actually agree to the quote then we make sure that the work is done to a standard and checked to ensure all is well. No screen repair will be done without you agreeing to the quote first under any circumstances.

Before you send the unit or bring it to us: you should talk to us to determine that the problem is the screen and is not the screen and other problems as well. You should call us on 0118 9352873.

“We are not able to provide accurate quotes without seeing the Laptop or Netbook first!!”

You will be required to pay for the job by postal order or by paypall before the laptop is sent back to you.
Plus every Job will have it’s own job number that you will be given by email.
We will send you either an email or a text message when your computer gets to us; so you know it is safe and with us…..
Our Service is not available to any person or company that is  ouside  the UK.
We will endevor to give you a proper quote at the earliest opportunity once we recieve the laptop or Netbook machine.  Your will receive a text message or email  containing both the date we receive the laptop as well as the make and model of it and the actual job number allocated to the job.
All jobs where you bring in the laptop or Netbook to us will be turned around in under  6 working days, and oftern  very much quicker than that, we are able to obtain the actual screen the next day provided we order it before midday!