getting your MP600 Canon printer working on Vista 32 bit operating system.

Sometimes it is not possible to simply pop in the Driver DVD and run the Setup program from there, why because you get a message saying that a newer version of the Printer driver is already installed and the program stops, and when you go to printers in control panel you simply just see the xps document writer in printers and no Cannon mp600.

So what to do…… well several things some of which you may not expect. Try going into the icon in control panel for the programs installed on your computer, and UN install everything you can see to do with Cannon, one at a time… then make sure that you computer has proper connection to the internet. Now unplug the usb lead to the printer from the computer.

Now reboot the computer wait for it to boot completely and check that the machine is connected to the internet by pulling up

Now switch on your printer, make sure it is on fully and plug in the printer to a different USB port on the computer, now watch the screen there will be a message say something like do you want to install the driver, but look closer one option is to use the internet to get that driver via the windows updates ( though it might not say Windows updates specifically), choose that option and allow the computer to download and install the driver, that might take a while so do be patient.   In order to know if it has in fact worked at the same time have the printers dialogue box open at that time…you will see the printer appear, it should be the default printer and should say Ready…..


You do not just want the the xps writer to be the only thing there.