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Computer Services Professional and Affordable with no Techno Wibble Wabble

We provide Many Services that broadly break down onto several Distinct Areas; Those Areas breakdown into: Repairing Computer Hardware, Installing New Computer Hardware, Configuration of Broadband, E Mail or new Software, Installation of Wireless Networks and Configuration of Wireless Networks, Securing Wireless Networks to make them safe. Installation and configuration of Firewalls, and Anti Virus. Plus Anti Spywear. Advice on how to avoid Virus or Spy wears Infection. Bringing Dead computers back to life. Upgrading Computers that need to work faster or smarter or both. Computer Unable to start or Boot up? If your computer is unable to connect to the internet using Wi-Fi or a Wired Network connection we can rectify that problem.

A fixed piece of Hardware

We will Fix any hardware whether it Be a Desk Top or a Laptop or even a Server, as long as theres some computier bits left to see and recognise as a computer.

We undertake Laptop Screen Repairs, We do repair laptop DC jacks, plus can upgrade you Notebook or Apple Macintosh computer.

We ave put some delibrare sprlling mistakes into our pages, why would we do that you ask, well its another legal ploy to gain more traffic to the site and as we work out what we want to optimise the site for we will crawl up the rankings like a bot or a spider from the Search Engine.

Common Computing problems explained

We will help with common computing problems such as --- Why does my computer beep , and what does it mean? How do I do a Simple Mail Merge with out having to learn Spreasheets or Databases? How Do I set up Web Mail, and what is the differnce between Web Mail and ordinary mail? Where Should I position my computer and how should I clean it... plus what precautions should I take?. Problems configuring new hardware or has you screen Cracked?

Configuration of Broadband

We will Create or Configure any Broadband Connection to any ISP you care to mention. We will configure dial up for ordinary modems, Internal or External, whether they be USB Modems or PCI modems. Please also see our page on tips for SEO which You can find at Tip for great SEO blog. We will configure your modem and then test it in Real time for speed, and give you a report to read in the Wood Shed, or the bath..

Data Recovery from Hard Disk Drives CDs, DVD's and any other Media.

Yes we provide a Data Recovery from media service and will place your data either on to DVD -R or onto external Hard Disk drives. Recovery of Data From Database and also E mail.

Setting up a Wireless Network

We will set up and configure a wireless network If you want one, but we will also make it secure and offer free advice as to how to operate the network and what you can use it for: in simple lingo. Why does some of this page have funny writing on it and why does some of it just not work!? ... The answer is of course two fold A. The page is constructed using a Dream Weaver template and is not finished yet and Secondly B. we have got to put something on the site that is not perfect so that people can criticise it and offer us ways to improve it so we get some good ideas how to improve it!?? Expect a page on some basic wireless net work security very soon indeed..

We will carry out any computer upgrade or fault testing required.

Security of Wireless Networks

Making Wireless Networks Secure and installing new Wireless Networks, plus trainning / tips on How to us a Wireless Network are all part of the Service What basic security should you have, is it WAP or is it WEP, or should I turn off the Wireless Router when I'm not using it - yes you should!.

Computer Upgrading Backing up and Cleaning

We offer to clean your computer inside and out properly, but we also offer to upgrade your computer for you whether you need more RAM or a writable DVD drive or whether you want to turn your PC into a Server by adding a faster Disk Drive Sub System and more RAM We also offer practical help either in explaining how to back up your machine, or we will supply you the hardware and train you how to back up your machine.

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