OK.... so you are having are real problem with FaceBook.... every time you use it it takes an age to do anything and typing stuff in to face book takes an age. It's like the computer is running in super cooled treacle....
So here at "The Computer Fixer Blog" we tell you what to do to solve this annoying problem and of course you can see that chephrenrepairs.com does repair computers and sort out those silly mishaps, you know the ones where you step out of the bath, go to your wardrobe and put on you stilleto heals and then whilst reaching forward grabbing your atire from the waldrobe tread on your laptop or netbook that's under the pile of cloths on the floor...... crrrackkkk..

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The solution to your slow Facebook woes.....

Well you may find that as we did with our colleagues customer that the computer is running IE 7, that is Internet Explorer 7 and also a piece of software called Norton Internet Security Fire Wall. What we did was the following:

Step One: Download A Free antivirus program something like Aviria AntiVir Personal.
Step One A: Download the lattest copy of Zone Alarm
Step Two: Diconect the computer from the Internet.
Step Three: Uninstall Norton Internet Security
Step Four: Install Zone Alarm and install Your Free Antivirus program in this case the German Aviria.
Step Five: now Download Firefox. either a late version 3 or Version 4 and install that.
Step Six: What ever other antivirus progam you were using make sure it is uninstalled and not working.... in this case it was Norton Internet Security.
Step Severn: Restart your computer update the antivirus progam you have installed and use Firefox to access Face Book.

Of course, it goes without saying that the above is true and will sort things out only assuming that the computer is clean of Viruses and Spywear, and has a hard disk that is not stuffed to the gunnels with files rendering is essentially full, and that you have a working broadband connection that is capable of some sort of decient speed... Nowerdays people are getting 8 Meg down on a phone line, and about 700kb up..

If your machine is with Virus than may be you want to consider letting chephrenrepairs.com sort it out.