Here we have a page where you can submit an article for us to place on our Web Site, it is very simple to use indeed. This page was created using Dream Weaver 2004 MX and contains no Java, Java Script or Flash or Fireworks just good old PHP, and tested on our own Apache 2.0.54 Server configured to parse PHP Ver. 4.4.1. you can pretty much do anything with PHP, we hope to have some simple articles on where you can get PHP from, how to install it and a few recommended books buy us   This page is being built today 19th June 2006 in the afternoon.

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there are three steps:

1.Ring us up and tell us what your article is about and when you are ready to give it to us, then we will give you the password, and you can paste it into the white box.

2. Cut the text of your article and then paste it into the big white box.

3. put in a user name and a password, and then click on the button that says Log in and Submit

If you are here and am trying to use this you probably shouldn't be unless you know the User Name and Password, this page has been set up for people that do know these things... latter it will be developed to have greater flexability and use.