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Enter your Post Code Above please using Uppercase Letters and Numbers, to use the Computer Repairs Call Out Caculator.. copywright all rights reserved..  Please Enter at least the first 4 characters of your post code, spaces should be included.. Note if your post code is Say RG2 9OL, then enter at least RG2 followed by a single space.  Home Page

Software developed by to give an indication of likley call out charges... notice: call out charges may vary and will be disscussed with you prior to carrying out any visits or work in every situation.

This software is being continually developed to be easier to use, Quicker to use and to cover the whole of Berkshire and Southern Oxfordshire, this version has 50 Separate Post Codes, but more will be added in future versions. Various software upgrades are planned and if you are interested in how it all works you will be able to find out more both at the Computer Fixer Blog and on our Web Site shortley.  See the computer Fixer Blog for sheduled updates and features in near future.Computer Fixer Blog

This software is designed to allow you to caculate an estimate of how much a call out cost is likley to be if you live in Berkshire or in South Oxfordshire.


Warning: This software is very new and uses Cutting Edge Technology plus is still being tested.... Software Version 1.1.4

Develpment time about 8 Hours

Data Entry time about 2 hours

Debugging time about 2 Hours