Advice on Avoiding both Viruses and Spy wear
Installation and configuration of Software Firewalls, and Software AntiVirus and Routers

We will give you advice on how to avoid Viruses and Spywear, and how to beef up you defences against both.

We intend to have shortly pages giving free advice on line as to how to best avoid getting any spy wear or any viruses and still have a computer system that works on the internet.We will share with you a number of tips as to things you can easily do to keep you computer safe whilst on line.

Tip no1: If you are surfing the net and you see any pop up frames or pop up boxes or Dialog Boxes advertising Anti Spywear, these are nearly always Spywear trying to either get you to go to a particular site or trying to get you to buy some Anti Spywear Software. If you ever see a pop up box Advertising Anti Spywear this is oftern and commonally generated by an outfit that is promoting something that could potentially damage your machine-- do the following a. Drop you Connection to the internet by unpluging your modem. b. Make a note of which Site you were on when this happened. c. Make a note not to return to this Web Site. d. Never Ever Click on anything inside a Box advertising Anti Spy Wear.

Tip no2: Do not go to any web sites that allow you to download free music in what ever format that is and also allows you to share these files_ this is a prime place to pick up a spywear infection.

Tip no3: There are a number of Websites on the net that Advertise Anti Spy wear Software. - Many of them are in fact places where you can download software that appears to be Anti Spy wear and it is in fact Spy wear itself. In order to be certain that the anti Spy wear you have or intend to have is genuine consult recent and popular computing magazines.

Spy Wear is probably a bigger problem now than Computer Viruses so any steps You can take to make it Hard to get it is good.

Tip no 4. Never Ever Down load any Free Screen Savers Or Free Emotons for Your E Mail


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Prevention is far better than cure when it Comes to Spy Wear

Tip No 5: Never Buy AntiSpywear Software online!
We found This Web Site in the last Month or two Advice on Spywear Removal etc.

This Page is Stilll being Worked on! .
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See Here for an interesting Web Site:

 Spyware Removal

We Recommend You Browse with Firefox 2 instead of with Internet Explorer, it is quick to download, it is quick to install, it automatically updates itself, you get less pop up windows and it can be downloaded from hereFirefox2


Look a prime place to get spywear from is any program that facilitates music or emoticons or screen saver Down loads, along with some other programs as well. We will be investigating!!, and links to what we find will either be on this page or on a link called Music Download Investigation...

See this link we found reciently:Ask Leo: Is it possible to get a virus from a music download?

Here is another usefull page: A page to get Spywear Doctor from.



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Please I do not absolutely guarantee the links on this page absolutely, but we do highly recommend that you either buy a Spywear detector from a very Reputable souce like a major magerzine, or you go to a major trustworthy retailer, , we would never recommend downloading a Anti spywear program from anywhere!

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