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Web Spinners is a group of people that will meet in Reading Berkshire UK once every other week to share idears on Web Design, Help With Web Design Problems, Web Design Issues, Web Production Techniques, Web Construction Conundrums, Web Site Building, Tricks and Tip, Hints and Practical Help. It can be for people studying Web Design at College, or people who are currently writing a Web site, or anyone interested in any Web Writing Technology... hopefully you arrived at this page some how or other by some bizarre quirk of fate, or did you come Here Because I wanted you to be Here!?!"£ .. Mmmm.. if you have tell us your story.. how did you get here.. ring us an let us know.. Free Web Design classes, cheaper than all the colleges and universities and Seats of Learning in the land, Web Classes on a budget of £0.00p, for nothing , nout Zero pounds and Zero pence. 0118 9352873 or ring 07519 134333.

Help With Fireworks, Help with Dreamweaver, Help with HTML, CSS, HTTP, PHP, MySQL, Web Production.

We plan to have "tea and cakes" at every meeting. plus book a small meeting room in Reading once a fortnight. We will have "short talks on aspects of Web Design". and some practical sessions on how to do things as well!

Web Spinners will be a group for Real People in Reading Making Technology Work by Design, where you can get some advice and help and support for your Web Design questions and problems.
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Click this html link below (the one in Red) to go to the internal web Writing Events Calendar for Web Spinners implemented on our own Web Server using WebCalendar 1.0.5 software which utilises a MySQL Database on our MySQL Database Server ! Yep thats open source software... thank god and praise the lord almighty!! for Web Spinners. This is New and will be where all Web Spinners events are placed until further notice. Expect to see some blog articles all about Web Calendar very shortly... Web Calendar is cool and utalises a Mysql databse runnung on our Mysql Server in the US of A Check out the Diary for Web Spinners local web page creation group in RG1

Web Spinners Local Web Page Writting Group Reading Event Calendar


If you are interested please ring:

0118 9352873 and mention Web Spinners
Or you can email: repairs@chephrenrepairs.com please put in the title WebSpinners

"If you ring, then please leave a message and mention -" I am interested in Web Spinners.... and please do not forget to leave your Telephone Number clearly as well as your Name......"
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People will come to Web Spinners from places like Reading, Shinfield, Wokingham, Woodley, Shinfield, Sonning, Basingstoke, Morimer and Grazeley, Sandhurst and Heckfield, etc... won't they!


You need to bring along a fully working Laptop or Desk Top Computer, with a Mouse and Keyboard and some kind of Editor on it. Please do book in for Web Spinners, we can not cater for people wandering in suddenly unannounced and expecting to just get on with it straight away.


There is now a link on this page ( see to the left ) to dates that Web Spinners will be on, see the little button called Google Calender ... Simple!!.........


Web Spinners is for Real People in a Real Technological World interested in perfecting their Web Design Skills and Abilities to an Insanely and Precise level that exhibits Web Design Mastery. A Venue for Web Spinners:

35-39 London Street

Our Very First Meeting at 6.00pm in August 2012. .

Future Meetings Are Likely To Be Held At Around 7.30pm Always on a Wednesday Night, Wednesdays Are "Webspinners" night!!

A Date for your diary; Next Session: Saturday 22nd March 2008 at 2.00 pm at Risc in London Street. You Must Ring up to book a place at Web Spinners and you can not just roll in off the street and take part, so ring Chephrenrepairs and leave a short clear message, detailing your name, and your phone number and your email address if you are interested.




We hope to advertise in several local papers if possible. So look out for info in the local rags, sorry papers!

Chephrenrepairs, working to make it possible for you to have a wonderful Computing Life.

We are working on providing more ways for you to find us and contact us ... including Skype,,, Yes.... " This is VOIP or in English Voice Over IP".



"The Blokes in Technology "

Web Production Skills, Techniques, Tips, Tricks, Hints and Practicle Help - Webspinners - Simple.

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