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HOW TO BE FOUND FOR WHAT YOU WANT TO BE -"Dragons Den Training in SEO in Reading Berks. "

Chephrenrepairs.com is now being found ranked up, right rubbing up against the big boys!..  what do we mean by this, well some businesses that have been established for quite a number of years before Chephrenrepairs.com was not even a thought in any bodies mind.... back in the time of the . boom or back when people played with the Sinclar ZX80 or the Colossus which solved German messages in around 6 hours when previously it took literally weeks and weeks of hard work by a team of boffins... Yep we are starting to have a web presence, the force is strong and you can feel the power of a new age of Computer Repairs provided with good old fashioned customer service and the type of staying power that the pyramid that pharos Chephren built when he built his pyramid in Egypt near Saqqar.. Ok here comes the breaking of the golden rule of web design...never actually publish a web document that isn't complete .. what a lot of utter piffle paffle, why not put the page on a web server to be found by the world audience, that's you,,, if you are looking at his page...a page that is being worked on that is not on the web is blinking nowhere, think about it, how is it ever going to be found by any one! well of course not,, how can you send an http request to see a page that does not exist!!!! This page is new now but in a few weeks it will be less new, but someone will find it especially if it has real good meta tags in it and is repeatedly submitted to search engines. Do you think that you found this text because a girl stepped on a butterfly in a Polynesian Island?


Yes that's right, The Dragons Den SEO Course.. We are offering a Search Engine Positioning Course in the middle of Reading in Berkshire. This course will run for one day, but you will get a typed Booklet giving you all the details of many Search Engine Positioning Tools and Resources on the Web. A kind of Pocket Guide to keep with you for ever. The course is called the" Dragons Den SEO Course" The Booklet is called simply "SEO Force.... a pocket guide!". The course will provide intense tuition in Search Engine Optimisation over one day, providing intense  Search Engine Positioning Guidence in Reading Berkshire in a small group to be ran in December 2007, but places are limited, there will be a max number of students of 8, and a minimum number of three students. If you want to register send an email to repairs@chephrenrepairs.com making the Title: SEO Course Reading. Give you full name and your current E mail address and you telephone number(s) as well. SEO Course Reading Berkshire RG1 So what will you get on the "Dragons Den Training in SEO" Course, go to the bottom of this page for some details.Dragons Den SEO Course Details Here is a link to our Search Engine Optimisation Course Reading.php page. This training is all about getting the Position in major Search Engines you want.


We started writing this page using Studio8 on a lap top computer then carried on using MX2004 on a desk top. But in order to do that we had to download the file from the web server to the desktop machine, plus all the files that are css and various images as well. Of course once you have done this you may work on the page, but if you change anything and want to see those changes on the real page you must upload the page back up to the web server. Once you have done that the version of the document on the live web server is newer than the Version of the file on the laptop, and in order to get that old version of the file on the laptop to be the same as the actual document on the web server, you must download it from the server to the laptop. You can see that this could become a little tedious and long winded, yes it is but it does work as long as you do the operations in the correct order


We Continue to investigate Broadband : Expect to see something about Broadband on the Computer Fixer Blog - this is a hot subject and a complicated one- but that won't stop us putting useful information on our blog...

Dragons Den SEO Course Details 

We will provide intense tuition in the form of lessons in how to use key word selection tools, together with the importance of  page title use of the main Meta tags, and how to construct them. We will give you a grounding on how and which tools to use to analyse competition web sites to see which key words they are using. We will look a a raft of tools that are either free or cost to use to analyse how crawlers and bots might see your web site. We give some instruction on which aspects of a web page will be hard for search engines to index. We provide a little booklet showing you exactly where to find seo tools on the web and precisely how to use them to best effect. This booklet is called SEO Force- a pocket guide. You get to keep this for good after the course. This intensive SEO course is essentially a series of lessons covering how to prepare web pages for submission to the major search engines. We also look at getting the web site included in various diirectories, and consider effective Positioning on the Web using a budget of nowt or in other words ziltch! On the course we cover getting links into your web site how to accomplish this, and also  the  techniques of submission manually to Search Engines is taught.