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The Computer Fixer Reading. Infact we will fix or repair or do running repairs on your computer For You. This page is being developed as a Menu that relies on HTML Links. These links are of course to other pages on This web site, We simply can not put all our links on the home page as there is not room.

You have reached the Fixer of Computers in Reading, we will fix your computer whether it be the software has got in a knot or the Hardware has Failed. Our experience of repairing computers is Vast and streaches back into the eons of time to a time when MS Dos was not heard of and Microsoft were not really knowen about and look at them now, they started small.. We were involved with computers when the First Apple Mac crashed on to the scene with processors from Motorola, and the Sinclair ZX 80 was the machine to be seen with.Link to newer version of this page

Our prices are from Reasonable to jolly darn affordable.Cost of Service , We have certain opening hours which are Sunday to Thursday 9.30am till 7.30pm, but we hope that you will still be able to e mail us outside these times with cries for help.. As the Primier Fixer of Computers in Reading and the First Fixer your are likely to call we are of course busy - But you know what they say " If you want something done ask a busy Man"

We do not get involved with fixing computers infected with Spywear at the moment, but instead we will tell you how to avoid getting Spywear on your machine, Prevention is miles better than Cure in the area of Spy Wear.

"As Home Networking expands to around 40% of UK households, offer a home Network Installation service, Where a specialist engineer will visit your home and install a network wired or wireless. Your installation will include sharing of Internet connection and printers, and also at your request we can set up so you can view all files over any PC".

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