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On this page we cover some simple SEO techniques to discover how popular phrases are and how to use this information with out spending any money... Thats cheap is'nt it! Simple SEO or Search Engine Positioning tips and tricks are things you can pick up from books on Search Engine Opimization but also if you use your noddle you can deduce a lot of stuff just by using your browser and scribling down some rough notes in a loose leaf pad with an old blunt pencil...

In my page on SEO that you find SEO I spoke about using a wordtracker or some similar program to help find the words that you want to optimize on. Of Course you can do this but their is a cheaper way right!. just write down the Keywords, or Key_words, you want to use on a pad, write quite a few, combine some of them into phrases, or key phrases if you will, that are between two and four words long. Now fire up Your Browser , (I use Fire Fox), but you might use IE (Internet Explorer) or Opera or some other browser, perhaps the one you downloaded with you Broadband connection to Yahoo. Just use the search bar and type in you little word phrases you write down in you pad, press Return or click go and then look at the top line. You might see results 1 -10 of about 427,000, try it with the words "Computer Mending Reading", what do you find. Whats the point, well, read on......

Once you have done this exercise you will immedeately notice that the number immediately after 'of about' varies wildly and vastly, but this is where you pay attention and wake up, because if you have a number of 100,000, rather than of about 99,200,000 then you can see where the compertition is. So now you can optimize your web pages so that you have a chance of getting listed perhaps in the first page... mmm thats better than being on page 127 of 5311 pages is'nt it. Bassically you should look for a combination of between two to four words that returns a number that is quite a lot smaller that a similar combination of words that mean roughly the same thing. Then you optimize the page on the words that return the lower number of results.

If you want some help and free tips on SEO, or on how to get noticed on the web with a buget of exactly Zero pounds, go Go to Our Contact Page  More SEO  A Search Engine Optimization Course!!! and give us a ring. We are considering a SEO fact sheet that you can down load, or why not print out this page and then have a go and may be ring us up.

Remember the internet was built originally with Search Engines looking for words and word combinations, So putting flashy graphics at the top of your pages does ( like Flash or Fireworks or Whacky Animations) does not help you 1 iota.... also make sure that you do have all the correct Meta Tags in the page in the correct order and in exactly the correct place ( see our other page on SEO for details), and make sure you submit your page to at least Google, MSN and Yahoo. But there are some others you can try, but thats for another great page on Search Engine Optimization that We have not written yet.. What you want to do is get listed by Google, MSN, Yahoo Ask Jeves, and other search engines for free without paying throught the noise....

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 !   Where to go to submit for nothing

We will mention just three, but there are loads of other places, including local directories of business which are worth a go.
For Google go to here:

For MSN go to here:

For Yahoo goto here:

Just Remember in order to submit with Yahoo you do need to register, this involves creating a user name and password, which of course you must remember to submit further pages in the future.
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Think Like a Search Engine Spider..... or Bot...
The spider is going to like it if it finds the same words cropping up in the page title, in the meta tag for the description, in the meta tag for the key words and also in the body of the text of the page relatively near the top of the page.
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