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SEO is not difficult but you do need to do things in the right order, the order is to prepare the pages very carefully before you even think about submission to Search Engines, Then submit to the major Search Engines. Do these jobs in that order ... What is SEO it is Search Engine Optimisation. You need some HTML Skills a bit of time, and a bit of knowledge about what Search Engines like and also about Keywords.....

  • You must have "A Meaningful Title" for each page in other words a Title tag near the top of the page, in fact directly under the head tag. To see the title of this page look in the bar at the very top or very bottom of you browser see it!

  • You must have some other meta tags, you should have a DESCRIPTION Meta tag under the Title tag and then a Keyword Meta tag underneath that.... In that order right...! and of course a Meta Name keyword content tag directly undeneath the meta name description content tag.

  • Do not have your site navigation or links buried inside Java script, most search engine bots and spiders and other robots or googlebots can not see them will not find them and it will be a blooming disaster in terms of getting the web site indexed see…...Get in the habit of putting all of these tags in to each page you write as a matter of course.

  • This page has all the meta tags that I mention in the correct order, but also the links to it will have meaningfull words in the link saying what this page is all about, that helps.Make sure you have some keywords inside the page that are in the keywords metatags say about 6 to 10% ish may by a touch more.

  • Do not use pages with Frames in them, why cause the bots spiders and other robots will not be able to cope and you will end up with frames indexed as individual pages.. a mess quite frankly. or what's otherwise knowen as a cock up!

  • Name Files, Directories and Image files with Keywords.... this will help. Ok, so you need to decide what are the key words. The best thing to do is to get a very big tumbler of Vodka and Orange (mainly Vodka), sit down in a darkened room wear some tight leather pants, listen to some Wagner loud, and write down all the words that you can possibly think of that might have something to do with your Web Site, go mad burst a blood vessel or something. Keep this list, and then do the same thing again the next day and the next day.. Now go to Log on to the site and pay them for a couple of days use of their facilities and start a couple or three projects using your words to see which words people search on.. Print out all the results three times and you're done. You use all this information to decide what Key words or key phrases to put into your web pages. We intend to do this next week and then start altering some of our site content and some of the meta tags. Please note there are other keyword tools that you can use but is good.

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We expect to write more than Several pages on how to get links to your site. this is one of the biggest challenges of SEO, because with out links in to your site you can spend a great deal of time getting precisely nowhere.. and is can be frustrating.... you need some patience, or perhaps quite a lot of patience.
One trick that works is to make a short list of the compertition, i.e web sites with similar appeal to yours. Then go to google and just type in a search for that specific web site, (do this for each site on your list). Put in for example the whole name of the site in the search box, but nothing else, hit return, and look for the bit that says Links To Followed by the name of the site you put in.

Bingo you have a list of web sites linking to the site that is in compertition with you... Guess what you do with this!?

You can do the same in MSN, use MSN to do the search, and again just put in the name of the web site. Look at the diffrence between this list and the one using google.. this tells you a lot...!
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