Running Windows on a G4 Apple Mac Lap Top

People sometimes ask can you run Windows XP Home, or XP Pro or Windows 98 on an Apple G4 Processor Laptop. And the answer is worth exploring. Basically the answer is yes you can but you need a fair amount or time, patience and money not necessarily in that order, and you need to consider is it really worth the expenditure in effort, time, money and configuring.

There is a bit of a list of things you will need to check and to do plus a list of things to obtain as well as a fair few things that if you ignore will come and bite you in the rear.

  1. Make sure that you have Mac OS version 10.3 or latter installed on the Apple Mac.
  2. You will need lots of memory, why because you will be running windows as a virtual machine, in other words a separate emulator that will need lots of memory. You will need memory to run the Mac Operating system and memory to run the Emulator at the same time. In fact you will probably need about as much memory as the Computer motherboard is capable of taking.
  3. You will need Guest PC, this is a piece of software, but it is not easy to buy off the computer shop shelf and will probably be needed from the manufacturer at a cost of around £40.00 approx.
  4. A licensed and complete version of Windows XP, or XP Pro.
  5. Consider how much memory the motherboard can support and how will you get into the Lap Top to fit it, Macs have very strange screws on them, not your standard Cross head or Posi drive screws often.
  6. If you can not tell if the machine is a i mac or power mac or which model it is exactly then getting the right memory chips can be virtually impossible as there are a number of variants for diffrent types of Apple computers.
  7. Add up the disk space that the current Mac operating system needs to the space required for Guest PC, The Windows Operating system, and all the Windows Applications you want to use, then add space for data and quite a bit for a windows swap file and then consider is the current Hard disk in the Apple mac going to be big enough, bearing in mind that G4 macs are not new and that Hard Disks in Laptops are nearly always smaller than Desk Tops, consider this very carefully. If you need a new Hard disk in order for everything to fit on you will have to add more money to get this disk





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