What is our policy for links in and out of chephrenrepairs.com

We are happy to put any links on our site to yours providing that:


a. It is legal


b. It is not a link to a website that promotes any illegal or immoral or degrading material.

We are looking for Web Sites that are keen and willing and able to place links on their web site to ours

if you are then please do so and let us know you have ...

"We will have some email addresses set up soon: Rome wasn't built in a day a neither is this web site going to be!"

We are not in a position to put lots of links from us to multiple pages on a single web site, because we do not have the resources to do so, neither are we in the position of being able to put links out of our site instantly upon request, because we have limited resources at our disposal... that just about says it.

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