Computer Repairs in Reading Berkshire or Berks for short! - The Fixer or Repairer of Computers in Reading Earley Winnersh, Lower Earley, & Shinfield.
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 !  We Will Fix your computer in Your Home at a Reasonable price and will give you advice how to keep it that Way

"Computer Repairs in Reading Berkshire" for yours ring 0118 9352873 We have a new Mobile number: 07519 134333 please use it if you do not want to leave a message on our other number!.

CLICK HERE to email please include model of computer, age & symptoms of fault,& contact email. Thanks

We are Your Local Computer Repair Specialist in Maiden Earleigh. We will diagnose what is wrong With Your PC or Personal Computer, Lap Top or Desk Top, and the Repair it, Maintain it or Preserve Your Computer, or Reconfigure it for a reasonable charge, but because we work locally in , Reading, Wokingham, Winnersh, Woodley, Sonning, Caversham, Hurst, Wosehill, Reading, White Waltham, Hair Hatch, Wose Hill, Chapel Row, Berks, Oxon, Bucklebury, Harmans Water, Waltham St. Lawrence, Theale, Sonning Common, Maidenhead, Binfield, Shinfield, Cox Green, Tilehurst, Bracknell, Maidenhead Thicket, Sulhampstead, Cemetery Junction, Caversham, Wosehill, Beenham Berks, Padworth, Sonning Common, Emmbrook, Touchen End, Newtown, Sonning Eye, Calcot, South End, Chapel Green, Farley Wood, Great Hollands, Tidmarsh, Berkshire, Shiplake, Henley, Mortimer, Barkham, Arborfield, Hurst, Twyford Berks, Grazeley, Southcote, Sindlesham, Shurlock Row, Crazey Hill, Harmans Water, Littlewick Green, Cane End, Woolhampton, Coley Park, Christchurch, Church End, Burghfield Common, Reading, Pinkneys Green, Lower Earley, and Maiden Erleigh, not to mention Sonning and Spencers Wood we keep our charges low and we give you knock your Socks off Customer Service the likes of which you will find refreshing. If you have a job or task that you want to put your Computer to we can advise and help and steer you in the right direction. The Fixer or mender or repairer will Come and Repair or Fix your PCS so they are fixed, repaired or other wise working properly.. We undertake Repairs of Computers in Reading....

We primarily will fix any fault that your computer does have, but we will go one step further and give you free proffessional and stright forward advice how to keep your computer working at tip top performance, If your computer beeps see Beeping Computer we can tell you why and stop it from doing so. If Windows will not start we can find out why and get it fixed by "THE FIXER!" We do not try to solve Computing problems over the phone, we will not connect you to phone asking questions-- Where you have to dial 7 to talk to a Computing Technician, and 8 to talk to a Wireless Computer Network Boffin and Dial 1 to try to remember which numbers you have dialled already, and dial 9 to have all the options repeated 3 times in reverse order unless you dial 5 in less than 3 seconds or press the hash key?? You Know the kind of thing the "Endless Waiting Room" where slightly awkward customers get put, We Have NO Call baring , No PAs, and no Voice Mail, no call Centre so there. We will have shortly a Web Form where you can give a brief description of your computer fault and leave your phone number so we can get a grip on the Broken PC before we come and fix it for you.

If you want A Wi-Fi Network we can install one If you have Wireless Network and you wonder if it is secure We can tell you if it is or is not a Secure Wireless Network and can make it secure for you.If you want to have your entire system backed up or you want a running Back up system that just backs up the important files you are working on we can do this for you.

If you by a new computer From PC World or form Staples or from Curries or any where at all and you can not get it set up or you can not get all the functions to work or you want some training on how to protect the machine on line we can do all of this for you very reasonably

We are able to fit any piece of hardware you want to your PC and configure it correctly plus test it and we do always give free advice on how to use any periperal you have or get hold of.

We will make you Wireless Network Secure for around £12 to £20 depending on how many computers you have... this offer only applies if you have less than 6 computers in the house permanently.

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Why when I hit the link for fixer PCS at the bottom of this page does it not take me to a page.... the answer is we have not put the page on our web server yet so you get a 404 error, well that is what you would expect to get if the page is not there?! "If you strive to make a web site perfect you might wake up and find that there is nothing to do and Know one critasises you work or offers ways to improve it-- How will that Help!??"

" It is not how good the Web Site is it is How good do you want it to be that Matters!!"

" The problem with hoarding is you end you living off your reserves.. if you give everything away, you are left with nothing...this forces you to look and to be aware to replench...." Bizarre Logic at

" Don't Promise what You Can not Deliver!"

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 !   The Mother of all Backups Or in other words Backing Up your computer so you can get it back if Disaster Strikes--- which it will!?

We investigate the Sony Double Layer or Duel layer DVD Drive that can store 8.5 Gig per DVD and investigate using Ghost 10, Ghost 2003 and other Versions of Ghost, We give you the Gen , and the know How at
Essentially we have purchased a SONY DW_G120A, that is a DVD/CD REWritable Drive it has an impressive blizzard or plethora of features and capabilities, but in a nut shell it can burn or write data onto 9 CD and DVD formats.. Ahhar you say Impressive ah....


Dust is one Enemy so do not position your PC on the floor on a shag pile carpet. Vibration, Keep you Pc away from any sources of vibration. If you turn your PC on its side then back on its bottom and then may be on the other side repeatidly doing this can Damage the Hard Disk. Clean the fans on Your PC with a small artists paint brush at least every 4 months.
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