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Link to Mistakes_at_chephrenrepairs.html, for Macs Why is this site full of holes, links that do not work or ones that take you back to where you started, wheres the glam and the glitzz? It's not how good the site is thats the point it is How good do we want it to be??? Theres got to be something wrong with it to have any room at all to make it better.... That explains it I think!!Most people work on the theory that the pages must be perfect the graphics must be perfectly aligned to the nearest 50th of a pixel,the Flash Animation must Blow your mind or bake your noodle or some thing..... No .. NO...NOO......Nop ...NOOOOOO your missing the point.

last updated Wednesday, September 5, 2007 2:25 PM We will be putting a little Java Script on some pages to show you when a particular page was last updated, but this will be at the bottom of the page We do not want the bots or spiders tripping up on the Java Script Search Engine bots do not deal with Java Script Well...... also search engine bots do not handle frames well so do not put many pages with frames in them on your site your asking for trouble...... Gosh this page is turning in to SEO Advice......

Ok For some of you that like a little game, see if you can find the hidden links on this page there are several of them to find.. its like a treasure hunt!!

"Make sure you do not over use one particular Key Word"

It is tempting if you are new to SEO and Search Engine positioning to put in a lot of instances of a particular word you would like to be found on...... Resist tis Temptation, putting the same word in about 6 times on a large page will be enough... Its not a case of resistance is futile, it is a case of resistence is worth while.. Yep over using a word will mean some Search Engines will think you are spamming them and will penalise you for this.

Creating Links into your Web Site .... a tricky trick!

Yep, this is something you need to do, and there is much controversy about how to do this, ideally you need a few links from reasonably well Ranked Web sites into your Web Site, there is no quick and easy way of doing this, One Way of doing so is to go onto the web look for some really interesting articles that you think your visitors will be interested in. Then Create a Page with some text and some links it to these interesting pages. Then finally write a polite and simple mail to the Web site author concerned asking them to place a link on their web site to yours. In fact just getting a few kinks in from sites that are not necessarily massively ranked will actually be a help, work on that first, then work up to the higher ranked sites a little latter. Ok this takes time but doing a bit of this helps, and you can do a bit every now and again. You can all ways check if you have any links into your site by using the tools in Cpanel under the icon Web/Ftp Stats.


We have been busy Writing the " Getting your Knickers in a Twist with CSS" pages. These are a series of pages currently under construction this month all about how to avoid getting your Pantyhose in a frightful tangle with Cascading Style Sheet. In this Series of pages we explain how to make Cascading Style sheets and how to use them to achieve a look and a layout of a web page, and thus avoiding that " Barbie Doll in a wind tunnel look!!" Come back to the Knickers twisted page to see more about CSS, find the link right at the top of this page and on out Home page also!!


 !    News on SEO and may be a course in due course.

There are many hidden links at the top of this Web page Try them out your Self, find them with your Mouse!

We are serious about SEO, You probably are wondering what it is.... we tried to find some books on SEO, tricky stuff..Firstly if you go in to most good book shops and ask what is SEO the book seller often looks blank and says have you tried ringing some publishers or tried Amazon!? or says what is that .......... exactly?

You are probably asking "How Can I Find out How to optimize My Web Site for Search Engine Submission?"

the answer is as always at chephrenrepairs.com try here Search Engine Optimization look The art of Optimizing your web pages is a bit of a black one, but if you read on, on this page you will discover some real nuggets of information. There are a load of things to do, but all of them are easy, they just take time. You should try to ensure that you have a title, a description and keyword meta tag: in that order, .in the head section of each page you create.

Also ensure you have a few H1 Headings in your page as well, say may be three or five ish, and make sure they are relevant to your site content, this is very important indeed. Find Some links in the Bar right at the top of This Web site.. they are there... just move that mouse and take a look

Link to Mistakes_at_chephrenrepairs.html, for Macs