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We offer a totally fixed price computer diagnosis ?

We will diagnose what is wrong with your laptop or PC or Netbook / Ultrabook for a fixed price. - Price for this service is £10.00. If your computer is un -fixable then the diagnosis fee is wavered so is 0.00. that's reasonable.

We state clearly what that means here on this web page... our fixed price diagnosis is available for you providing that you bring the computer to us and provided the machine is complete, i.e. with its power cord / power brick ---- it does not have to have the dvds that you got with the computer.

If you pay for the fixed price diagnosis we tell you what is the problem with your computer and also produce a quote to get you computer fixed. Then it is up to you whether or not you ask to get it fixed!

Chepephren Repairs is a Bit Defender reseller and supplies Bit Defender products for Windows, PCs and Apple MACintosh computers. We are open the normal 5 days of the week and also on Saturdays from 9.30am to 4.00pm making it easier for you to drop off your computer.

Chephren Repairs provides accurate quotes for customer approval prior to carrying out work.

We provide Fault Diagnosis whether the problem is Hardware or Software. "I finish what I start, I turn up on time and my quotations are accurate. Your Computer Repair will be handled meticulously, tenaciously, and completed in a timely manner"  ring 01183278433

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