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Billing £24.00 per hour Since August 1st 2011.

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Have you had an unfortunate incident with your laptop, do you want it put right, we offer the walk out with it working service!We offer you a quote that is realistic and is something you and rely on.Our Repair work is carried out locally in our workshops in Earley, Do you want us to diagnose what is wrong with your computer or your netbook or even your new Ultrabook., Do you want your data recovered or your data transfered to another computer? We repair Laptop Screens of all types including LED screens TFT screens, Data Recovery from all media types

Have you got a problem with your computer starting or booting up, we sort out thouse issues for you. Look we can sort out most problems that you might befall you with you pc system.. we provide a few services including data recovery, that could be from an internal hard disk drive in a PC or a laptop , or an external hard drive that might be usb 2 or usb 3, or it might be a memory stick like the ones you buy in Comet or Staples or PC World. (sorry can not do the little pc world jinggle, here).

We also offer a service where we can reconnect your broadband connection whether that is adsl over a phone line or a cable broadband connection, oh yes and we will go further if required to do so, if you have a wi- fi network thats on the blink or is not working or is not secured or perhaps you just simply want your Wi - Fi network exstened so you can get your emails on your black berry or blue berry in the shower! We can do all of that for you....

Have you shut your laptop with your glasses on the keyboard and shattered the screen, we do all screen repairs for all sizes of netbook , ultra books.

Has your laptop just simply got too hot, has it shut down because it has got to hot, we can determine if that is the case and clean it inside and also test it to see just how hot the processor is getting and compare this with how hot it should be getting...


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