We provide Broadband Setup or WI-Fi Security Configuration, if your Router has broken provide you with a New Router and set it up for you, or advise on protection from all nasty internet nasties like phishing mails, dummy web sites, what to download and what most definately NOT to download. We can provide you with a Wireless Service to the Internet, Via a Wireless ADSL Router. We can give advice on how to care for your Router and how to protect your Computer from, Spam, Viruses and Spywear. We can install a new Wi-Fi Set up that you've brought from PC World, or Staples of Curries or Dixons or Maplins or any other computing retail outlet. We can Solve your Broadband Connection to Internet Problems. We can provide you a Wireless Internet anywhere in your Home, that works Reliably.

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Cost of Broadband Connection Services:

We Charge 26.00 to install and configure an ADSL Modem Router, and to provide you with Wi - Fi Security and a written typed run down of the configuration used.There is a call out charge also unless you live in Earley, Woodley or Sonning! This cost of course does not include purchase of the ADSL Router not subscription to your ISP. We Recommend "Net Gear ADSL Modem Range Max Routers with Mimo Technology ".



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Broadband ADSL Setup and Config.


If you want help with ADSL Broadband then go straight to the link above called Contact Us and either Phone Chephrenrepairs.com, Ring Chephrenrepairs.com or go to the link on our home page called Tell us Whats Wrong With your Computer and create a log in and fill in our customer form. or just email repairs@chephrenrepairs.com, why not use a freinds computer to email us for a quote, because if your Broad band is broken: how the devil are you going to e mail US!!? Either you do not Have Broadband and You Do not Want Broadband, in which case you should read a different page at Chephrenrepairs.com, or

You want to have broadband but you do not know how to install and configure it or You Have Broadband and it has stopped functioning and you want to get it working again.. in which case we can help.. or You Want Broadband: But You do not want Wireless Broadband, .. in which case we can help. Or you have brought either an ADSL Modem , or an ADSL Modem Router, or you received one from a Internet Service provider, but you can not make it work.... in which case we can help.

What Constitutes a Web Page That Works!

This page is under construction, but never the less is still a Web Page that works. So What Constitutes A Web Page that works: Well there are many Aspects: Clearly you need a Page with some text on it and in HTML Terms you do need a Head and a Body section most deffinately. You need a title and some meta tags, the main meta tags you need are <meta name="description" content =" "> and <meta name ="keywords" content=" ">

You should have the title first followed immediately with the description followed immediately with the keywords. You should of course put the page up to your web server, and you should check that is can be loaded in a browser. Then you must submit it to at least Google, Yahoo and MSN. And you should only do this once you have carefully checked that you have all the words you want in the description content and the keywords content, and you are certain the page does load in a browser correctly. You should try to ensure that you have enough words in the Web Page you have constructed so that when the page does actually get indexed by the Main Web Search Engine spiders and meta crawlers, that thes programs have a reasonable number of actual words to read and in effect index. Look when I say put words into the meta tags, the words you put in must go in between the double speachmarks, you can separate words or phrases with commas. If you still do not know what I am saying then do this: In your browser, whilst looking at this page, go to the menu right at the top of the screen and choose View | page source. You will see in the head section the meta tags and title I am talking about!


I Want a Web Site But I am scarred that its going to cost a blooming fortune

Look We at Chephrenrepairs.com have all the expertise to Help you with the Doman Name, getting the Web Site Hosted, getting a plan together so you know what the costs are, getting your web site found by whome you want to find it. And we can probably under cut the competition cause we are very keen to help and we know what we are doing Full Stop. Check out what we can do, go to Freight Train Web Page Construction Freight Train Web Site Design

This page is not finished Yet, but you can see where its going right!!!.. Look a Web page should ideally have all the links on it working and should have enough Meta Tag words in it to make indexing easy, it should also be submitted to at least 3 Major Search Engines. But Beware theres a lot more to SEO than that, You should try to get some links into your site, and there is not guarenteed way of doing this, but never the less you should try, a few links in are worth a lot more to you than a few links out of your site so just pick some wsites you like, and e mail them with a polite and short e mail say ing that you have linked to them and that you feel their visitors may like to view your new page or pages, thats what we do intend to do here on this page, yep it is time consumming but it may well pay off over time.. We do have some pages about Search Engine positioning find links to them here SEO Reading . Search Engine optimisation . Search Engine Optimization

What are the things that are in the pipe line right now at Chephrenrepairs.com

Well as always there loads of things planned, but just to let you know what some of them are:

1. Some pages to explain just how to deal with spam problems on a low budget.

2. A page to explain how to add web mail to a web page and have it invisible to spammers.

3. A number of demonstration pages showing just what Freight Train Web Construction can do


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