The Beeping Computer.

Whats this stuff about the beeping computer. Well The weathers been hot receintly. and we found that one of our computers started beeping most of the time when it was on, An alternating high pitched and low pitched beep.... strange... but why. and why now....

© June 2006

The place to look is in the computers bios... basically you need to check the bios settings and in paticular for "CPU getting too hot".

You should check to see if the is an alarm set to go off if the CPU or processor gets above a certain temp. This beeping computer was bepping most of the time with an alternate High and Low beep.

Thing to do:

Go into the bios, look to see instructions when the computer starts up, they will flash up on the screen, note what they are.

Go into the bios an look through each setting until you find CPU Temperature alarm, See if there is a setting for different Temperatures or for disabling it or making it silent.. We do not advise that you do disable it or make it or make it silent permanently, but just to diagnose why the computer is beeping!.

Try also getting as much ventilation in to the room as you possibly can plus placing the computer away from other items, curtains, other furniture, other computers or any items in the room etc. See if the computer beeps in the same way on a much cooler day.. take the temperature in the room with a thermometer. Make sure that the computer fan and heat sink for the CPU is spotlessly clean, if it's not clean it with a small paint brush and a Vacuum cleaner.

Remember there are a whole load of beep codes that mean certain things, but these are heard when the computer starts up not continuosly.

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