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This page is all about preparing to do a Back up on your Computer. You should read this if you are contemplating doing a back up of your computer, and You should also make a List of what you need to make such a Back up. Finally you should set aside so time to actually carry the back up out and even more time to test that the back up worked. Now I'm not saying you should back up your entire drive every day that would be just plain Crackers. But I am saying that you should do a complete back up of your Computer entirely about once every 6 to 9 months, and then at the same time back up your Data more frequently perhaps once every month. There is no point on this earth doing an entire back up of your computer and then not testing that you can successfully restore it to a disk. You Must do that, and hence you must buy a disk big enough for the job in advance of carrying out the Back up. There are lots of Back up programs you can buy, and usually one or more that is on your computer from when you brought it. The costs of doing a back up are:

  1. Buying a backup program with a licence for it,
  2. Buying the disk or media you are going to place the back up image onto
  3. Buying a Disk to restore the Back up To
  4. Time invested in Setting up and running the Backup process.
  5. Your Windows Original CD.
  6. Time invested in running up the completed restored backup on your computer and testing that it is OK.
  7. And lastly time planning a strategy for ensuring that you do back up on time and do always test the result.. which is a a disk that runs your system perfectly but is not to one you use daily and 2 a copy of every important piece of data you produced in the last month again tested to be complete.

Set aside the Cost of doing a Back up against the cost of not doing So. You Do the Maths, get out a piece of paper and write down the figures. If you Started a Backup, but it did not work totally and you live in Berkshire Ring Chephrenrepairs.com. Say You have never done a backup and your disk becomes corrupted. In This case You will probably need to call up a Computer Repairs Specialist like Chephrenrepairs.com 0118 9352873 and ask them to do a Data Recovery job to attempt to get your most important data back Now in the case where the disk is not Physically damaged that will be reasonably likely to be successful, but in the Case where the disk actually physically damaged then chephrenrepairs.com will have to send your disk off to an Expert data recovery firm in London, where the cost of a report to determine what is possible to rescue will be perhaps £100.00 and the cost of recovery of the data itself could be perhaps around £1200.00. to £1500.00 approx.

If you had done the Back up properly them you could get Your computer working again within perhaps 1 hour and all your data retrieved your self within say a day or so, with no Financial cost just a day or so of hard work.

In Due Course the Menus on this Web Page Will lead you to pages that will Help you with two things a. Security of Your PC and b. How to Successfully Carry out a Back Up. Pages are being written about these to aspects currently January 2007

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