BT Yahoo Broadband Connection
Hardware Used
, BT Voyager 2091 Wireless ADSL Modem Router

Our Customer did have connection to BT Yahoo Broadband using a small ADSL Moden connected to their computer, but it broke down, So BT Yahho Sent them the BT Voyager 2091 Wireless ADSL Router plus a few cables and a couple of ADSL Splitters plus some software.


So, the problem was that the customer did have an ADSL Modem that connected her to the Broadband, but that modem blew up and was as they say, US (UnServiceable).

BT Yahoo Sent a New BT Voyager 2091 Wireless ADSL Router , some cables two ADSL Splitters, and a cable to connect the router to the phone jack.... But the problem was..

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We plan on having a proper database on this web site soon where you the Web Site user can Type in whats wrong with your PC, and we can then see whats happening before we fix it .. Simple Uhhhh.

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We are planning to lower the prices of computer repairs down to what you can afford, up the quality of work and get customers to want us to help them....for our prices .....

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